Tiger Woods, You saw it first here

We only Report The News, You Comment

This video has prompted a new text speak rvr real virtual realty #rvr on your tweets please and on yr phones
So here is a sentence:

View in SLOB-M pay in rvr wear in rl and vr or just buy in vr in bm currency and wear in bm. But rvr can use rm with cc, what do you think?

rm = real money, SLOB-M ? Wait and See.

Now here is a transcript from a Blue Mars Guide who shall remain nameless, lets just call him DS. It is a true story.

Abdab nil nil arrives in Blue Mars

  • DS: Hello I am a guide. Can I help you?
  • 你好,我是指導您需要幫助嗎?
  • Hallo ich bin ein Handbuch können helfen Ihnen?
  • Здравствуйте я направляющую могу помочь Вам?
  • DS Thinks; hmm Who is this guy? Abdab ok wiki help…Ok it could be Abad which could be polish.

  • Witaj jestem prowadnicy mogę pomóc?
  • DS: Nope, I have heard that before, hhhmm forget wiki, google Abdab… wtf? What language is that…? Wiki …hmmm…wait a minute…I know…hahahaha

  • Now look see boyo we don’t need any cymru dragons thank you
  • Abdab says something DS cannot understand but its welsh
  • DS: Croeso cynnes iawn Blue Mars
  • Abdab says more welsh
  • Lookit Jonesy we speak English here, sorry old chap. But I lived in Wales Tony Pandy, Do you know it?
  • Abdab: Yes I do
  • DS: I lived in clyddach vale
  • Abdab : really? down the mines were you?
  • They both laughed, visited places, went back to Home and ended up chatting to a Japanese girl who was pretending to be French and spoke no English. She had a Japanese name so I spoke Japanese, Abdab is fluent in French, so we beat her up, lol

    Iechyd da! Abdab, Nos da. (Blue Mars is so boring…..)

    My Favourite Animation is http://nowchangeyourlife.com/just4you/prezi/test.swf


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