Blue Mars is a free to play massively multiplayer virtual world made of an expanding set of independently operated cities featuring a wide range of entertainment, education, and business opportunities. Register today to get an early look at our open beta and the future of virtual worlds.


Welcome to Blue Mars Beta!

Note: Register to become a beta tester before you download this installer (if you have not already registered). You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to complete your registration. Use the ID and password that you create during registration with the client software on this page to access the Blue Mars virtual worlds.

The purpose of beta testing is to provide feedback about bugs in the existing program. In exchange, you get a preview of the software being developed.

Blue Mars is a work in progress. Based on input from the community we are improving and adding more features every month. As our 3rd-party developers create new worlds, we add their content every few weeks.

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