Japan And Second Life

While in Blue Mars I have met a lot of Japanese people. I lived there for four years. the Boss, Glenn Sanders, lived there for eight years. My first wife Megumi-san studied at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, she got a Firstand we lived in Tokyo, in Minami Azabu. I learnt Japanese at a school and it was very difficult. So I started watching TV. “O susu me shi masu ii mono o YKK” (I could have called this post the “The Cycle of Goodness”)  got me started. I soon graduated to a great show about a wandering group who looked very inocuous. They would arrive at a village that was being tormented by a wicked lord who had a wickid gang of well trained Samurai. The wandering group beat them all up. I used to love the final scene. The leader of the small band who never even bothered to unsheath his sword because he was so good, he used to beat people up with chop sticks or a ladies fan lol, would confront the evil lord. The bad dude was still not giving up. So you know what our unassuming hero did? He reached into his kimono and took out THE EMPORERS SEAL! Yep he was The Dude Samurai. Everybody threw themselves on the floor bowing. The Dude Samarai would look at them and say something like “ok you lot, be good or else”. Then the group would walk off into the sunset. There may have been seven of them I can’t remember. Anyway I learnt to say “Ah so desuka” in twenty different ways with 10 different inflections. From supremely confident don’t mess with me Samarai Dude to stupid peasant (there was a girl samurai of course who was really cute and used to really beat up guys so I learned Girls Japanese as well – female Japanese has different endings some times. I used to use it when I wanted to appear gay lol). I had four books : A Dictionary of Japanese Literary Asthetics which gave me wabi sabi, A dictionary of English-Japanese-English Colloquilisms with which I could totally freak someone out with street slang, Classical Haiku and my favourite, a Kanji Dictoinary. I could look up any Kanji by recognising its root and counting the number of strokes. Wow. In Akihabara there is a paper museum. i made 5 sheets of paper from scratch. I needed it to write my Kanji with a brush. It used to take me about 20 minutes to make enough ink to write a few characters. I was never really any good but you know what it taught me? How wonderful 3D is. You see the weight you put on the brush determines the depth of the stroke. 3D Characters?, The Japanese have done them for 1200 years. ( A tip : learn the strokes to a few kanji, sit on a beach and wait for a wave to go out, write your 3D Kanji in the sand using finger depth. My god I wrote some perfect kanji, perfect, wow, of course the next wave would wash them all away as though they had never been, ….Subarashi desu neh, gomen, hazukashii desu) Sore kara….

There are a lot of Second Life people in Blue Mars. Second Life people love Japan. One of the most popular is Tempura. it was the second place I found in second life. Here is a link to the Tempura Gallery. special thanks to my Girlfriend and to her friend Spirit who turned up at 5 minutes notice.

http://dudestarship.com/japan and you can right click and save or  download the zip file at http://dudestarship.com/nihon.zip The Kanji used? Well you will have to find a Japanese person and ask them. Gomen nasai, watashi no nihongo wa totemo …well it used to be heta (unskilled) but I reckon its pretty subarashii. Hi,  domo, sumimasen!!!¬


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