i dream in html while flying when i should be in my café

REF: Wiki again Berners-Lee in late 1991

Hello Children, Uncle Dude here.  No Glenn I am not your real Uncle. Ok. Now was everyone good for their parents this weekend? Great, you are all Supa Stars. Tiffaney, don’t do that dear, it’s not very nice. Right. Now. Get your work books out. Ok. Please sit down Rock Vacirca if you want to run please go outside, and your resolution is fine. Children CHILDREN! Thankyou. Open a new page and write at the top H T M L ok? H T M L. No V R M L is next week. OK underline it. Very Good  Tim Berners-Lee! Do you have to put forward slashes everywhere? Right. Today we are going to create a web page. Ok, hands up who knows what www stands for? All of you! Ok, well its not really used any more. So you can forget it. Ok. Please copy this down:

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">

Ok? Yes I know it is unicode or UTF or. Never mind, just write it in in pencil.
Right. Now every web page has a head, a body and a footer. All the clever stuff called
Meta ….Yes Glenn? Pardon me? You mean it indicates a concept which is an abstraction from another concept, used to complete or add to the latter. Yes that’s very true. Glenn are you using an IM? If so please put it away. Where was I? In the body is stuff, the important stuff. You will see that it has an opening tag and a closing tag like this [stuff] then [/stuff] and you put thingys in between so you end up with [stuff] thingys [/stuff] Ok? GLENN TIFFANY What is so Funny? Right Glenn bring your work book up here! NOW! …And What is this? Is this suopposed to be clever? [kick] Your Ass [/kick] Well Glenn it may be in html5 but it has no place in this classroom. Now sit down and pay attention. oh dear o dear. I’m going for coffee. Play quietly please…

Venice > ESC > Mouse Up > Forward Arrow To Fly > Mouse To Guide > Q To Get Off

And nobody told me! Fer Shame On You

The Competion?

Breakfast Is Now Being Served

I Wanted to post this here to round things off but Fox objected


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