Quest Ahoy and Snails

I have seen things you people would not believe Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion bright as magnesium… I rode onthe back decks of a blinker and watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tanhauser Gate. All these moments, lost in time, like tears in the rain:
Click Here Pls I know They are moving not still, so I guess I failed 😦 😦 😦 and it started off at 16 minutes but nobody can handle that without popcorn and a hotdog and a medium coke and it was 93 million bytes which is mad so i made it 27, 700,000 bytes (approx) .. But can I have a consolation T Shirt? Please José They are in Colour (Translate : Color)

Oi! Whers My Block? I’ll Tell Ray Batty!!!! Ei unig gêm nid yw? Neu a yw hynny! Nid A gêm

Blade Runner Script

Its National Escargot Day!



It all began in June 2009, there was an upgrade, It ended in December 2009



4 Eva


The Story of My Life and welcome to it.
Flat Fact: Have to share this. Its about skiing. I haven’t been skiing for ages. I was 21 my girlfriend was 20, Hiya Jill Billard, still luvya. We were engaged and had been saving, in our bottom draw. I said to Jill, “I know, lets go skiing with our bottom drawer money!”. It took a while. But I talked her round. The idea of 10 days in a beautiful hotel, in the snow, the mountains, a double room, A DOUBLE BED…well she couldn’t say no. It cost a fortune, we bought all our own gear, only hired boots and skis.

We went to five travel agents, not one would give us a double room. we weren’t married you see. Well long story short, we lied. We flew off to Westendorf via Innsbruck. Wow, Wow and Wow. It was so beautiful, it was dark but everything was white. OMG. Our hotel was a dream, our double room was lovely, OUR DOUBLE BED promised heaven covered with giant fluffy clouds. (I later learned that they were called Duvets, but imagine your duvet on your bed, triple it in thickness with goose feathers, I called em clouds). We cuddled, we fooled around a bit, we slept.

The next day. I got up.The sun was rising. I was 20, never seen mountains before, I realised I’d never seen snow before either not sure I’d seen a blue sky before either. I walked out on to the Balcony. “Wow its full of Christmas trees and huge, giant touching-the-sky pointy rocks, my nose hairs are freezing” That’s what I remember. Shook Jill awake. Took a shower. Got dressed and looked in the mirror. “Oh, so this is what looking “cool” means” and my mothers hand-knitted, pure white with different browns circling the neck , one-of-a-kind, fair isle sweater suggested “supa cool”.

long story short: Have you been skiing? No? Go, before you die, once you have been you will be able to ride a motor cycle and turn it without moving the handlebars. You will be wearing your sunglasses, you always have a pair.

After 3 days, Jill is struggling…”But Phil we have another 4 days of nursery school….we’ve paid for all the lessons…” …”Fuck that, I’m going to the top of the mountain.” ooo ow shit jesus help christ no-way stupid chair lift omg its so beautiful nobody-saw-me-skiing-so… I drink hot chocolate with all my skiiing buddies looking pretty damn fine in the lodge high up in the mountains. The sun blazes, the sky is deep blue “and we are wearing sunglasses” Check the schedule. What time is the first lift? What time does it get dark?

Day 6. “Hey Jill, there is a sleigh ride tonight and its a full moon, lets go.” “Won’t you be too tired? All you do is ski and sleep” We went. Now you know why I like running in Grid Rock when the moons are high in the sky. It’s Mono Chrome. Like under a full moon, high up in the mountains of Austria with 10 foot snowdrifts. Some people were skiing. They were wearing sunglasses, polaroids. O btw I discovered what sparkling was, and added “glistening” to my vocabulary.

The blue run was a disaster. Nearly killed myself, thank god halfway to the nearest village (it wasn’t mine) I found a road. It was dark. I took off my sunglasses.

LTS : We made love once. We broke up three months later. My favourite windows 7 theme is the Ducatti . I am not wearing my sunglasses because its 9.10 am GMT I am in my pyjamas at home, …….aahhh…. I’ll get them….


….and I’m wearing sunglasses… John Belushi Born :January 24, 1949 ~ [he was two months and two days older than me] Died: March 5, 1982 RIP

Flat Fact : On March 5, 1982, John Belushi was found dead in his hotel room at the age of 33. The local coroner gave the cause of death as a lethal injection of cocaine and heroin. Several years later, John’s drug dealing/drug user companion during his final weeks, Cathy Smith, was tried and sentenced to three years in prison for supplying John with the drugs. Close friend James Taylor sang “That Lonesome Road” at a memorial service at Martha’s Vineyard cemetery where John was buried.

One of his children invented silver iodide. Silver iodide can make it snow.

“A few light taps upon the pane made him turn to the window. It had begun to snow again. He watched sleepily the flakes, silver and dark, falling obliquely against the lamplight. The time had come for him to set out on his journey westward. Yes, the newspapers were right: snow was general all over Ireland. It was falling on every part of the dark central plain, on the treeless hills, falling softly upon the Bog of Allen and, farther westward, softly falling into the dark mutinous Shannon waves. It was falling, too, upon every part of the lonely churchyard on the hill where Michael Furey lay buried. It lay thickly drifted on the crooked crosses and headstones, on the spears of the little gate, on the barren thorns. His soul swooned slowly as he heard the snow falling faintly through the universe and faintly falling, like the descent of their last end, upon all the living and the dead.”

Kurt Vonnegut called mirrors “Leaks”. Where he came from if you were going ” to take a leak ” It meant you were going to steal a mirror. Kurt Vonnegut wore Mirrored Sunglasses.

Philip James Bryan

aka Philip Finlay-Bryan, aka pjfbncyl, aka Dude Starship,

The Bog of Allen, Sunday 27th December 2009

if you would like a signed copy of the above please click here for $5.95 $1.95c

30 Seconds To Mars


But First:

The chicken is leaning back against the bed post smoking a cigarette. Next to him, looking pretty angry is the egg. The egg says : “I guess we answered that question then”

It Is A Universal Question so:

Kurczaka jest skłaniające powrotem przeciwko post łóżku palenia papierosa. Obok niego patrząc pretty angry jest jaj. Jaj mówi: Myślę, że możemy odpowiedzieć na to pytanie, a następnie ”

Kuře je hubené zpět proti postel příspěvku cigaretového kouře. Vedle něj se podíváme pěkně rozhněvaný vajec. Vaječné říká: jsem uhodnout, jsme pak tuto otázku odpověděli ”

鶏はタバコを吸ったりベッド投稿に対して再度もたれてです。彼の横に、非常に怒りを見て、卵です。卵をいう: お、その質問の答えと思います」

يميل الدجاج مرة أخرى ضد الوظيفة السرير تدخين سيجارة. إلى جانب له ، تبحث غاضب جدا هو البيض. البيضة يقول: أعتقد أن علينا الإجابة على هذا السؤال ثم “

雞回靠抽煙床職。他,旁邊看很生氣是蛋。蛋說: 我想我們回答這項問題然後”

El pollo es apoyado volver sobre el puesto de cama fumando un cigarrillo. Junto a él, mirando muy enojado es el huevo. El huevo dice: supongo que nos respondió a esa pregunta, a continuación ”

ЦЫПЛЕНОК склоняющееся назад против курения сигарет пост кровать. Рядом с ним смотреть довольно сердитый – это яйцо. Яйцо,-говорит: Я думаю, мы ответили на этот вопрос нажмите “

A Break For The Weekend [especially To Counter The Barbie Bots]

Here They Are

And All Good Things Come In Threes

And Here We Are

Ha ha ha ha A talking egg!!! That is so funny and and and The Chicken right? Was smoking a cigarette! OMG who thinks up these things?

This post was brought to you by Philip Morris (USA)

“Come to where the flavor is…come to MARLBORO COUNTRY”

Flat Fact : The brand is named after Great Marlborough Street, the location of its original London Factory. Richmond, Virginia is now the location of the largest Marlboro cigarette manufacturing plant.

Philip Morris, a London-based cigarette manufacturer, created a New York subsidiary in 1902 to sell several of its cigarette brands, including Marlboro. By 1924 they were advertising Marlboro as a woman’s cigarette based on the slogan “Mild As May”.

The brand was sold in this capacity until World War II when the brand faltered and was temporarily removed from the market. At the end of the war, three brands emerged that would establish firm holds on the cigarette market: Camel, Lucky Strike, and Chesterfield. These brands were supplied to US soldiers during the war, creating an instant market upon their return.

During the 1950s Reader’s Digest magazine published a series of articles that linked smoking with lung cancer. Philip Morris, and the other cigarette companies took notice and each began to market filtered cigarettes. The new Marlboro with a filtered end was launched in 1955. In the early 1960s Philip Morris invented “Marlboro Country” and distilled their manly imagery into the rugged cowboys known as the “Marlboro Men”. The famous slogan used on radio and television during the mid-’60s was, “Come to where the flavor is…come to MARLBORO COUNTRY”, backed by Elmer Bernstein’s theme from The Magnificent Seven.

A 2001-2002 study by the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that, of all the student smokers, 41.8% of middle school and 52% of high school students usually smoked Marlboro[1].


The Ravens Kiss The Sky

Please Take A Moment

Is Virtual Reality real?


I have spoken about people making a dichotomy of real and virtual. I have made my position clear. I have “told it like it is”. I have invented rvr. Everything is linked now. You post to twitter it ends up on DIGG and Facebook. You favourite a youtube video it ends up on bebo. You post to facebook and yahoo picks it up. Blogs? OMG if i blog anything and click on share it goes to the following :

Twitter, My Space, DiGG, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, stumbleupon, buzzup,, all my 10 other blogs, all my 30 widgets, Blue Mars, ….if there is a god (s)he gets a copy

and no doubt someone somewhere is transmitting this out into space where it will travel on into eternity…. Do you see? Everything is linked now. You cannot distinguish between what is real and what is virtual. The human in me says it is all real. The buddhist says it is all virtual. Whatever the perspecive, it is all one.
I leave you with the tweet I made 8 hours before the world press took it up ” No No Go Go http://OnlyDragons eat Antonomc hamsters ” . See if you can understand the 52 characters (I always thought that 142 characters was way too many.)

I left this Comment with the Washigton Post

I twittered “No No Go Go eat Antonomic Hamsters” because BBC Radio 2 said Go Go Hamsters are in trouble because of levels of Antonomy . Dragons Tongues have to be Flame retardant one of the uses of antinomy Go Go Hamsters are Hot for Christmas. Where is the news? I cannot find a link to it. this is not a paradox thats Antimony.

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If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ nor no man ever loved

I have posted this a few times to my blogs. I think it is important. I added it to DIGG and facebook more than once. Is This SPAM? I don’t know! Perhaps this video will help you decide. Thanks for your time. P.S. I hope the Japanese appreciate the Ikebana (生け花) flower arranging tips from gaijins.

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