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I love making videos. Its so much fun. Here is Bitchy doing her stuff to the sound of Frankenstein. Making a video cheers me up no end. I love music, it keeps me going. New Stuff, Old Stuff. Edgar Winter was 63 this year;

This Tune was last performed by Edgar Winter in Syracuse NYC in 2010.

Flat Fact :

Edgar Holland Winter (born December 28, 1947), is an American musician. Edgar is a multi-instrumentalist, performing on the keyboards, and as a vocalist, saxophonist and percussionist, well-versed in jazz, blues and rock. He was most successful in the 1970s with his band, The Edgar Winter Group. He is easily recognized by his albinism.
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Shopping In Blue Mars

I was feeling pretty depressed. That stupid Forum Post. The moment I woke up at about 2am I thought. “Right, I’ll delete it straight away, its patronising, egotistical, condescending and down right stupid” So I went to delete it. It was locked. I guess they will delete it.

O dear what an idiot. I thought I would go to Blue Mars, hide and see if any of my mates were on line. Oh, update for GridRock “my” city. I started the download. I went to Pavonis, nobody ever goes there. And landed on top of José (my pet name for her, I  have pet names for most people) Josie Blue. Oh dear she would kill me for my forum post! I quickly logged out. Um. Went back in as Dude Starship and Grid Rock had finished downloading so I went there. I started a pm chat to Gui andd Sis. Looking for solace. Gui loled at me, Sis told me to get over to her but added a omg… I started flying around Grid. Btw I never read what the new build is about which is pretty stupid. Anyway while flying I spotted extra buildings on Bauhaus Island. I know Grid so well that I can spot anything different from 2000 feet. Lol.  I had met the dev, she was nice. So I flew over to the new buildings. Oh Wow! Shoes! Ladies Love Shoes! Omg, a new shoe shop!!!! I had to get Bitchy! So I relogged and went back to Grid to check out the shoes. Coolness! Wow! I had to buy at least one pair. Oh I had to make a vid, had to buy a pair. Shit 27 Blus. Oh well 2400 isn’t much. I hit the Buy Blus Button. Kool, Avatar Reality really have got this together. Ill make a vid of shopping and buying, great demo! I was really excited. It took five hours to make this video, from start to getting it here. Here is the script :

(OMG Chris Hawkins is Playing a song I requested three weeks! Starship Trooper by Yes! From Philip Finlay-Bryan aka Dude Starship ~ OMG. Wow omg wow so kool. You have to play two air guitars for the final riff, one for each speaker. Il’ll put the lyrics at the end IT IS SO APPROPRIATE!!!!! OH DEAR THE UNIVERSE JUST SAID : “Hey mate heard you were feeling a bit low. Get on your board Dude, Surfs Up!)

Here is the script with rules:

  • Start from the start screen so its a complete movie.
  • Grid Rock has its own sound so I can use that and don’t have to worry about copyright, but I will have to go to the player
  • Demonstrate flying and Grids graphics
  • It has to be REAL, I really have to buy it or its not a proper demo
  • It can only be 15 mins to put on Youtube

The first take was 35 mins, too long to edit so I scrapped it. The rehersal was useful and I had to overcome the glitch of finding 3 euros 79 cents on a credit card, I could only afford 1200 😦 , so that wouldn’t stop me from having 10 euros left in case I needed a domain. Declan and me were being hired to de horn 20 calves but the guy said only Declan, hes a young fell (55). I have 15 euros in the bank to last me until wednesday as I had paid all my hosting bills. The second take I got in 20 mins. It took me 10 mins to edit it down to 16 mins 45 secs. It took me 20 mins to edit down that 1 min 45 secs. Oh I hated The Cuts. You see when I make a movie it has to be one take to keep it real so a client / user can see a real time experience….Anyway, here it is, IGNORE THE YOUTUBE ONE GO TO THE NEXT ONE :

DAMN THE SOUND IS CRAP OR NON EXISTENT, Im redoing it as we speak, unedited with my own soundtrack it will be on TechnologyIsMe..(Btw ifyou can get anything out of the credit card… enjoy lol )


Was it worth it for youtube? Sorry, maybe not. Thats what comes of rushing things. I’ ll have to use my own soundtrack next time… I asked for help to make videos, like having someone else in the vids and was told I should hire actors, pay devs to help me. I cant afford that. I cant afford to pay ordinary users. No one will help me for free, though it would only be for 30 mins. The forum really hammered me for asking for help. They beat me up for using emoticons. I quit for nearly two weeks after that debacle. They publically ridiculed me. It was so humiliating. They could have done it in private. It still hurts. That was about four months ago. Thats why all my videos only have me in them. It will probably happen again. And I’m a guy so I have no idea how to dress. No doubt the ladies will laugh at me for looking stupid. So I guess I’ll quit for a couple of weeks. Ah I’ll bounce … maybe. Im too old and stupid for BM. Ho hum. I just have to learn to shut up but at 61, well old dog new tricks… Nobody clicks on the “Like” button . Oh well I got the real universe to surf in! Starship Trooper!

Sister Bluebird flying high above,
Shine your wings forward to the sun.
Hide the mysteries of life on your way –
Though you’ve seen them, please don’t say a word.
What you don’t know, I have never heard.

Starship Trooper, go sailing on by,
Catch my soul, catch the very light.
Hide the moment from my eager eye –
Though you’ve seen there, please don’t tell a soul.
What you can’t see, can’t be very whole.

Speak to me of summer, long winters longer than time can remember,
The setting up of other roads,to travel on in old accustomed ways.
I still remember the talks by the water, the proud sons and daughter
That knew the knowledge of the land, spoke to me in sweet accustomed ways.

Mother life, hold firmly on to me.
Catch my knowledge higher than the day.
Lose as much as only you can show.
Though you’ve seen me, please don’t say a word.
What I don’t know, I have never shared.

II. Disillusion

Loneliness is a power that we possess to give or take away forever.
All I know can be shown by your acceptance of the fact there shown
before you.
Take what I say in a diff’rent way and it’s easy to say
that this is all confusion.

As I see a new day in me, I can also show if you and you may
Follow –

Speak to me of summer, long winters longer than time can remember,
Setting up of other roads,to travel on in old accustomed ways.
I still remember the talks by the water, the proud sons and daughters that,
KNEW the knowledge of the land, spoke to me in sweet accustomed ways.


Suns coming up. Got a busy day ahead of me. We are marching in town against the 9000 euros that it will cost each man woman and child in Ireland, to bail out the Anglo Irish Bank, they have cut my disability benefit and I now have to pay an extra 3 euros for my diabetic medication, the same amount I spent in BM today and Unemployment in town (9000 people , funny how the numbers co incide). Then off to Clonbullogh to cause a bit of mayhem and advertise my BeKool (dot) net site as there is a local Web company ripping people off. And Declan says we have a date with two girls, hope it gets the calf money. He has … he he he … I might not be home tonight… he he he … Busy Day.. I’ll go for a swim first and congitate…. And the place is a mess because my housekeeper 😉 a homeless, friendless, toothless, no english slovakian lady with a 10 year old son 50 years old hasnt done any cleaning (its how she pays me backfor feeding and housing them) because i taught her how to use the computer. Now shes on Facebook all the time playing her café world with 100 friends and curses IE 8 when its slow IN ENGLISH! a success story I think but I wish she would do the washing up…

Ok I am Bored with that “Wake Up” Post lets watch some videos!


And I do like this one,

This for that comment person who Doesnt like B I G L E T T E R Please listen to the words : the person with the gmeil account:

Do Get out more:

This one using Microsoft Office

Oh and people, ssshhh I found out something! Theres this thing called The Interweb thingy ssshh its got Non Blue Mars stuff on it! Madness I know. I couldn’t believe it. Well some of it is funny too! Yep, like please don’t say but I made a Non Blue Mars video. OMG I feel like a traitor. Please forgive me… Here it is. Report it so I have an excuse to take it down. But I love cats….so Be Kool (dot) net

Oh and the new windows Phone 7 looks really cool

Wake Up Avatar Reality

You mean someone actually reads this blog?!? I stumbled on it today, and do not plan to come back. These disjointed, rambling, diatribes come across as the ravings of a lunatic with severe ADD. Reminds me of yapping mutts. No one pays them any attention as they bark away endlessly at something that no one else can see… Anyone can rant, vent, be provocative. That always strikes me as a low-level, base individual. What gets my respect is someone who, when seeing a problem, gets off their ass and does something to improve it. If you want to affect positive change, get out there and organize an event, invite friends, build a world, form a group, plan a team, encourage the devs and members, publicize an activity, post something positive about Blue Mars and the incredibly creative people who are building new worlds there. Otherwise piss off. *Anyone* and their dog can destroy, complain, SCREAM IN LARGE FONTS, rend and tear to attract attention. The truly remarkable person is one who, when seeing a need for improvement, takes the initiative to get busy and do something constructive about it….

I Replied :

OOO LOOK Mummy Man Write In B I G LETTERS!!! OOOO. Wish I could read the small letters! O when likle boy, using ARIN and AT &T services whose ip address is , gets Big Me Gonna Blog too! Of course you would have read how I have authored nearly 40 videos about blue mars, run three specific blogs about Blue Mars, have got Blue Mars mentioned on the BBC several times AND mentioned in The Huffington Post DIGG StumbleUpun apart from the hundreds of tweets … Oh dear. When likle boy learn how to read likle words you come back and tell the big boys. Then we let you hold the ball, no kicking it! ok? But you can hold it for a year or so…hey ok?


It is coming up to the first year of me writing this blog.  You are failing us all.

  1. You have so many friends on Facebook, you and the event manager and others.

WHY DOES NO ONE ATTEND YOUR EVENTS LISTED IN FACEBOOK? Why does nobody say they will attend?Not even a Maybe. This is an unmitigated

F A I L U R E!!!


  1. Why is the volunteerv program a failure?

I became a volunteer in November 2009. WHY ARE THERE NO VOLUNTEERS? IT IS WORSE NOW THAN A YEAR AGO! Why not require devs to spend an hour a day each in Welcome helping people. WHY NOT RECRUIT STUDENTS? THERE ARE MILLIONS OF STUDENTS! GIVE THEM 1000 BLU$ Give them school vouchers, OMG They Are STUDENTS GIVE THEM FREE BEER!!!

  1. Why are ALL the Events failures?

Why can you not stage an event? Trivia has maybe 1 new person a week every one else is a dev or is Pierre or Intox. And they are French and They cheat and I love them , well Intox (sshh dont tell Pierre)


  1. Why cant we keep people?

Our Retention rate is ATROCIOUS! People come once, a few times, THEN WE DO NOT SEE THEM AGAIN!!!!!



Why? Because we had a project, because it was intelligent, because it was a group activity and THEY GAVE US CLOTHES THEY GAVE US BLU$. IT LASTED MONTHS!!!

WAKE UP AVATAR REALITY! I offered my services a year ago, you would not give me a budget. Instead you hired someone from a virtual world that died. You have a blogger from Second Life. YOU THINK THIS WORKS?


Post Script:

Social Networking has overtaken Pornography as the number one activity on the net. Passivity on the internet has gone. Interactivity is the norm. Blue Mars is a virtual world that has made the transition from a game to a social networking world. Last night we held an award ceremony demonstrating our scientific skills as Citizen Scientists, sponsored by edge @ . Was it Virtual or Real? The lines between the two have become blurred. Its OnlyBlueMars (dot) com.

Comment :
2010/10/11 at 1:01 am

So, if I’m following this post right, you’re wanting Avatar Reality to give you money for writing this blog?

I am sorry, but all of your posts here do not make much sense. They go from one thing to the next, without leading up to the next point and are completely nonsensical. It’s like I’m reading a post written by a 15yr old with the most severe A.D.H.D. ever recorded.

The post you have made here and on the BMO forums, illustrates this point perfectly, since it’s probably one of the worst ones you have here on this blog. I had to read it several times, before I was even able to get this little bit of information out of it.

But, the best part of it all is that you want Avatar Reality to actually give you money for this. Honestly, if I was them, not only would I not give you money for this, I would actually file a suit against you for trying to impersonate the BMO development team.

That part under “Us” on the side, implies that you are actually one of the developers of Blue Mars, since you use the words that imply ownership, such as “us” and “our”. Which, given the nature of these posts and the childish, unformatted, and unfocused writing, might actually do damage to BMO’s image.

The only other thing I got out of this post, is that you are mad that Avatar Reality is not advertising a virtual world, that is not in a playable state. This also, would do damage to them. Once people come into BMO in it’s current state, they will not come back and it will forever be stuck in their heads at how horribly unfinished the client was. To launch a full advertising campaign in this state, would surely be like slitting their own wrists.

Reply :

Thank you Matt! Your observations are acute and accurate! Of course I do not want paying for this blog! My aim was to be provocative. On the Forums NO ONE COMMENTS! On the Blue Mars Blog NO ONE COMMENTS! A forum is an area for discussion, for airing views. This post represents a year of frustration. Please read my main blog , where I believe you will find a more erudite (?) blog. My other Blue Mars Blog has a slightly different tone . I have made upwards of 30 videos of Blue Mars. Both using , my professional video siteand Youtube. I am a developer btw. I was a volunteer but resigned as I was not prepared to bullshit newbies, I tell the truth rather than the “perty line”, I call myseldf a guide. Blue Mars is free. I spent over $20 on my suit for the Arcadia event. I spend my own money unbegrudgingly hosting and designing. Time and again I have offered my services to Blue Mars, their web design is terrible, I know 14 years olds who can do better. Look at . BMOs web image could not be damaged, if i visited their web sites I would laugh. I will comment too on wether or not Blue Mars is “ready”. Firstly it is not a game, it is a Social Networking Experience. Last night, myself and two friends “played” for three hours collecting orbs in New Venice, (Not Venezia, whose opening blurb is totally wrong, it desceibes New Venice and not venezia, something I complained about two months ago). Chat broke, we got stuck, we re logged but we were there for three hours. This is not an isolated experience for me. It happens every day. I spend around 6 to 8 hours with my Avatar in blue mars in a small window where i can monitor arrivals but still work. Most of the time it is empty. When people arrive the most frequently asked question is “Where is everybody?” So. Thank you for your comment. Facebook is a failure for BM. FYI : I worked as a Probation Officer in London for ten years. It left me somewhat damaged. I am officially disabled (manic-depressive, apparently uncureably so) hence the um “rant”. I get a bit excited. Sorry. It doesnt happen that often now, every couple of months or so. I live on disability allowance which doesnt go too far. I think avatar reality are wasting money. If they gave me even a small amount, I could use my Microsoft ( I am a partner and part of MS Technet) and LinkedIn connections to put them on a more professional footing. I’ve been on the web since 1995, so iI sorta know it a bit. Thanks again Matt. Philip Finlay-Bryan B.Sc. (Hons) MA CQSW dip TEFL MCAS

Oh As for Avatar Reality slitting its own wrists, it doesn’t need my help. A couple of months back there was a new welcome area. Great and there is a video! I didn’t watch it immediately. Then one day I did. I WAS HORRIFIED!!!

  • “There are only 4 areas to visit and one them is under of construction” WHAT? THERE ARE 12!!!!!
  • “Blue Mars is in closed Beta” WHAT? OMG this video is a year old!!!
  • “Avatars are creepy” WHAT?????
  • “Fembots pose for you” WHAT? So its a world for men who have female robots who entertain them?
  • “My Avatar Looks positively unhinged at times” WHAT???
  • “The interface is far too sparse for me” WHAT???
  • “There is not much happening at the moment but you can dance for the fembots” Oh My God!!

This was the video avatar reality put up in the welcome area. I screamed at them. It was there for nearly two months, “welcoming” new people

Nah, they dont need my help, they are doing fine. I was at a pool party last week. Its great fun me and the regulars have a laugh. Arzach turned up as a fly! Sage plays good music. Its fun. Then I noticed a group dancing on the dance floor. I went over to invite them to the pool party. I got no response to requests, pokes chats, nothing. I got a bit annoyed and thought they were second lifers ignoring me, snubbing me, the bastards. Yet they were well dressed. I tried again and again. Nothing. I was really pissed at them. Next day they were still there. OMG, they are bots! I felt so stupid! No one told me, hahahahahaha.

Guess where new people go when they first arrive? Guess how they feel when they get ignored. Where are the volunteers to put them right. Ha! Im the mad one?

New Build, Fullerine and Carpe Diem

Flat Fact : Carpe diem is a phrase from a Latin poem by Horace (see “Source” section below). It is popularly translated as “seize the day”. Carpe means “pick, pluck, pluck off, gather”, but Horace used the word to mean “enjoy, make use of”..”

Enjoy, Make Use Of, Gather

For me, when I see something cool I enjoy it and then I MAKE USE OF IT! I Seize it. My PA had logged off my account and logged in to hers. When I was back in front of my computer I started Google.

WTF? Wow thats cool! What is it? I looked at the source of the page and it was described as a buckyball. Hmm, new to me. I did some searching and REsearching. Wow thats interesting. I should know this…did a bit more researching ….hmmm Fullerene… Great a little vid explaining it. Right I’ll seize that, so i turned it into an animation BECAUSE I KNOW HOW TO DO STUFF!! Here is the result >>>

“Time and Tide Waits For No Man” [sic] btw sic = This word is sometimes inserted in a quotation [sic], to call attention to the fact that some remarkable or inaccurate expression, misspelling, or the like, is literally reproduced. So many of our stock phrases use the masculine “Man” , for me this engenders the male superiority trip dissing Woman again. So use it please if you must quote.


Every since we lost the pumpkins I called the welcome area boring. I tried hiding in a bush and that was fun for a while. The Wecome Tree is of course important BUT Generally Welcome was boring!!! It is not anymore the video is on its way in the meantime I an being bounced by waves over the natural bridge on a an island in Welcome! Not Drowning but Waving. I Love It!!!!!!

Sorry, just had to make this. I Am So Excited!! Thanks to Jo Goode 6music for the sounds. I just left the radio running

Stange : I laughed so hard I couldn’t tell you what I was laughing at, so i videoed it. Hey. Its ok to smoke marijuana. Just don’t inhale!

Heres the vid:

Epilogue : I made this this morning for Shaun’s Blog. Well, its International Beard Day and Shaun’s been chatting about it so did a bit more seizing and graphicalling.  Im in the process of setting up coz thats what I do. When I want a word that doesn’t exist i neologise, its kinda caught on. (ssshh its also fun). Of course to be a “proper” neologism its got to be accepted. I just like evolving language. You probably know that “Google” is a neologism and so is “Twitter”……

Blue Mars Arcadia

Here is the latest video :
But better here is a link to the video i uploaded it to my server

A lot has been happening. Please visit The Welcome Tree at

Is There A New Venice glitch?

This needs more investigation.

OnlyBlueMars dot com

Visit OnlyBlueMars for the real thing

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