Scale is the site that has the real one you control yourself. This is just a video. Each picture has explanatory text with it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Is Our Sky Too Bland?

Well, there is an airoplane, towing a banner, like an out of work crop duster. So Consider this:

If you want to skip my crap just scroll down to the Avatar Image and follow the instructions, its really important. Dude Starship fans may continue.

And can I have a motorbike?

I do have a history and for your Musical Pleasure

Agenda for Saturday’s Shade City Meeting. Rings Would be nice. Saturn has always been the Star of The Solar System. Supa Stars could replace it. HEY LETS HAVE SOME COMMENTS HERE OR I WILL START WRITING IN capital letters,Seriously, this is under the Blue Mars Tag Line. Am I doing it all wrong?

  • What Would You Like To See More of?
  • Is it too, sorta, Personal?
  • Is it stupid rather than amusing?
  • We are classed as Social Media, are we not? We are definately NOT a game!
  • How do you spell definitely?
  • “A fool persists in his folly” but
  • My Motto : “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

土曜日の陰都市会合のための議題。 リングは素晴らしい。 土星は太陽系の星いままで常にだった。 Supaの星はそれを取り替えることができる。 ちょっとあるコメントを持つためにここに割り当てるまたは私は青い火星のうたい文句の下にある、真剣に、これを大文字で書き始める。 それをすべてに間違ってしている私はあるか。 1. 何の多くを見たいと思うか。 2. それは、個人的なsorta余りにあるか。 3. それはであり楽しむよりもむしろ愚かか。 4. 私達、ない私達は社会的な媒体として分類されるか。 私達は完全にゲームではない! 5. いかに完全に綴るか。

P.S. Bike Of Choice:

Bika Dudes Bike

Betta Bike

Second Life. We get a lot of people from sl in Blue Mars. They are curious. They are also adventurous, consummate 3D Virtual World Dwellers and the more experienced incorporate sl and rl very well. Last time I was on so were 62,423 other people. Here’s an example: I wanted a bike so I searched on sl. I found a shop, very glitzy, with supabikes. Hmmm. Searched for Harleys found a shop and visited . Two americans were chatting with microphones. They were chatting about bikes. They welcomed me and asked if I had my mic on, I said no so they asked me if I could hear them. I typed Yes, they spoke “Great Dude we hate typing, what can we do for you?” We chatted, said I was making a vid etc etc, they showed me a bike and let me try it. Fun. ( I used to have a rl bike at uni 250cc LTD Kawasaki, red,  very cool, ultra manoeverable, chopped. Rode it around campus and got told off for parking it outside the lecture room…lol) So. I bought it. Cost me $4. Chatted some more and got hired to make videos for them. Made two new friends, Bika Dudes. Charlie has the same bike as me, only its real. Some sl people are a bit wary of BM. I love sl. I am not going to give it  up. It’s almost real….Blue Mars, well its the Pro version. Heres the vid. Note the script that comes with it. Please also recognise that I did all this in 20 mins, I didn’t stop to edit so my riding position looks a bit fake. Sorry, I’ll spend a couple of hours editing…just like my rl bike and as any biker knows your machine becomes an extension of you, like something you wear. Omg I do rabbit on…

Or how about a car?

Or A Starship?

Flat Fact for 2009

Sorry, Is This getting boring? Well Avatar is an important movie…..

Click On The Picture Please

When You Click On The Picture You Will See The Image On The SeaDragon Site. Let Your Mouse Hover Over The Image And You Will Get A Menu. Play, Go Full Screen And Enjoy. After you have picked yourself up, find a URL with an image (find the Image, right click, view it then copy the URL …http:// what ever dot com / image name dot jpg ) and paste it into the box. Go For It. هناك ما من حاجة أن يقول يشكر أنت كلّ هبات يأتون من الله


If you are a busy Execuative (lol) Here’s a blog I prepared earlier

And for the busy mum who loves 3d Galleries but just doesn’t have the time, this is for you (click on start slide show but you really need Cool Iris, there is a plugin link)

This Here is only A Game if you’ve got kids

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