Zombi, Loading Youtube and my DD

From Shaun’s Blog

The youtube vids I put up yesterday! OMG ….loading …loading

it is so frustrating! Well, dear listeners / watchers / readers its all about

C O L L A B O R A T I O N!

So Mr Chad Hurley, founder of Youtube Listen Up!

We Have The Leader Of The Pack : Shaun Web Keaveney, Our Leader, we have LA Matt who does stuff, we mave moi with the odd skill AND The Most Important Lot  is YOU LOT! You faithful friends with lives, with kids and WHO SHARE! So Lads and Lassies, from Ravens Kiss Productions I Give You:

Loading Youtube

Starring : Shaun W Keaveny

C0-Starring LA Matt

FEATURING : Ken’s 2 year old son known as “Yankee Mimic” (?)

Produced by : RavensKiss (dot) org

Directed by Philip Finlay-Bryan

No Dragon was harmed in the making of this movie. Dragons were supervised and handled under the supervision of the N.S.P.C.D.

©DublinWebSummit 2010 No item may be reproduced unless you promise to be a good person and make the world a better place. We Will Know if you don’t!

Here it is on Youtube wonder if it will load ok?

Zombis, Please Do not be scared. If kids are watching this get mummy or daddy to watch it with you. There is no sound at the beginning. The sound is pretty crap all the way through. What did you expect Michael Jackson?

But OMG can the BBC make videos “Daytime” Nighttime great game and so easy. Its all a bit British so soory

Animals say the funniest things

So Darling Daughter (aged 17) popped in after school (she lives with her mum but spends week ends and most spare minutes with her Dad -*smile*-) as she had to show me her Flash Site shes working on; Here it i, please drag the pages over like a real book, I got told off for clicking on them :

Free websitePowered By Wix.com

Then it was Dad Dad Dad You gotta watch these videos… Here are my three favs, one from the Beeb of course


and the other from a young lad from london who said “How the F***K did I know it would go viral?” 2.4 million hits and he uses the F word so parental discretion advised: I havent put it here as despite 2.4 million people thinking its great you lot are a bit prissy and you are New Worlders who never say Fuck in any of your movies…


And A Very Scary Video Did This Happen To You? The Answer Is Simple


Ok I am Bored with that “Wake Up” Post lets watch some videos!

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/hK87gfvwVAI%2Em4v%5D

And I do like this one,

This for that comment person who Doesnt like B I G L E T T E R Please listen to the words : the person with the gmeil account:

Do Get out more:


This one using Microsoft Office


Oh and people, ssshhh I found out something! Theres this thing called The Interweb thingy ssshh its got Non Blue Mars stuff on it! Madness I know. I couldn’t believe it. Well some of it is funny too! Yep, like please don’t say but I made a Non Blue Mars video. OMG I feel like a traitor. Please forgive me… Here it is. Report it so I have an excuse to take it down. But I love cats….so Be Kool (dot) net

Oh and the new windows Phone 7 looks really cool

Blue Mars Fashion and Gaming

Please watch in 720 dpi full screen to read text.

And then here is some research I have done about design and gaming because I do not think and do not call Blue Mars a game. I call Welcome Are (WA) a chat room with nice curtains. As for the cities? Its not a game, its an environment to explore and appreciate the graphics but um A Chat Room with really nice fancy curtains ? HThe videos are from TED. I love TED. TED is important. Technology Entertainment Design dot com

The First One looks at Video Games. The second is a lecture on games, their role and highlights World of Warcraft. Interesting stuff

Here is The WOW:

I just got a new avatar from IMVU. A Chat room very expensive:

Here She Is bigger

Her name is Gerolmina as she has her own dot com click/touch

And in case you forgot the vision:

Sorry TED embeds dont work as embeds. They have their own WordPress ID how cool is that? BlueMars.DudeStarship.com, mirrors but has a bit more. Im working on it

New Release From Blue Mars 0.0.6589.0

A new build for Blue Mars was released today. And Stupid Dude does not know his text from his buttons! Ok Here we go:

  • Go to http://www.bluemars.com/BetaClientDownload/ClientDownload.html and download. Its only about 350 meg. No Sweat
  • Ok. Fire her up and go to the Welcome Area Say High, listen to the chat and get bored
  • Now Download A city. Do Not Hunt For A Button. There Is No Button. Ask Stupid Dude. There is text that says Download, so D O W N L O A D. You got yourself a city. ( I downloaded 5 at a go. Venice takes a while but Thats Venice.
  • Do Not Wait for the Stupid Video I am going to Put Up. Get Downloading

Ever got a 404? The web page you requested cannot be found? etc etc? I was in Grid Rock clicking on links to links to links and ended up with a 404: Here it is. I could not leave the page, well it would have been rude…

btw I have a Flash Website at Http://NowHostYourSite.com if you wanna see… but its a bit old. Heres one I made in 1998, thats really old

This is a personal comment and in no way represents the views of VSE or Blue Mars.

Please keep in mind that although we all have found something very exciting we all have work to do:

  • Virtual Reality will become RVR eventually. In perspective we have miles to go before we sleep
  • I was on Second Life last night with 65k others, there had been 1.6 million on line that month. We have untold other virtual reality sites, Kaneva, Red Light Center, World of Warcraft etc etc. All told 30,000,000? Amazing.
  • It has been estimated that there are 1,733,993,741 users on the internet
  • We have blogs. We list about 20? Making progress, growing every day. Updating them every few days, once a week?
  • June 2009 comment “217,012,482 – but that was the count 40 seconds ago. So now…? Don’t know. My speed counter is slow.”
  • Video’s! The above Video has been viewed 22, 000 times. This one: Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole ‘IZ’ ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ has been viewed 8 million times
  • Web pages , oh, shall I cut to the chase? We have a good few. Sorry. It was estimated that there are 29.1 billion web pages on the Internet

So my wonderful Dudes and Dudettes, We have work to do. Spread the word, Add some one new everyday. Be Exponential, Train others in the stuff you know, tell them to train others. Need a dot com ask me : It cost $15 for a year. Hosting $7 a month. Need a hand? Need a blog? Need setting up? If you are from or part of or interested in Blue Mars its $50 for a professional six month support option with me. Includes Flash want an On Line shop? $15 a month. Ready in a week. After 3 months of practice You copy the above. Make $50 for yourself. Ok? No? Ok : Just pinch my idea. BUT I have got it right. Don’t offer a crap service for a quick buck. You’ll die in shame. Ok. I just wanted to get that off my chest. Ty. Luvya. Namaste. pjfbncyl aka Dude Starship. [I have a secret identity in Blue Mars. First one to find me and say “Hiya Dude Starship” gets the above for free. ] And to jog your memory:

p.S. On The Right Hand Side there is a Widget so you can get Cofee mate to donate $2 to Nature Conservancy, Only takes a sec and shows we care.



Blue Mars Gadgets & Me



Inspired By Rock V

Me & GF



This Should Be Under The Sea in Blue Mars

A Work Of Art

Sorry Hallmark was closed and I had 30 seconds

Plant Me In Venice

Important Link For Irish Entrepreneurs ~ Sorry This Is Personal

Blue Mars dot com

Just Download it NOW!
I Am So Proud Of Blue Mars
Soy tan orgulloso de Marte azul
I am tak hrdý Blue Marsu
شعر بالفخر حتى المريخ الأزرق
Я вот гордостью голубой Марса
Je suis donc fier de Blue Mars
Sono così orgoglioso di Marte Blue

The Most Important Video of 2009


Namaste Pranav Mistry I honour The Light Within You

Red Planet? No Mars is Blue

Pic taken by NASA's Mars Orbiter

Explanation: At first glance these undulating shapes in shades of blue might look like waves on an ocean. Seen here in a false-color image from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s HiRISE camera, they are actually layered rock outcrops found in Aureum Chaos. The larger Aureum Chaos region is a chaotic jumble of eroded terrain in the eastern part of Mars’ immense canyon Valles Marineris. Distinct layers composing these outcrops could have been laid down by dust or volcanic ash settling from the atmosphere, sand carried by martian winds, or sediments deposited on the floor of an ancient lake. This close-up view of the otherwise red planet spans about 4 kilometers, a distance you might walk over flat ground in less than an hour.

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