Dublin Web Summit

Um I sorta thought I would take a bit of Action to publises Moi and BM. There was a conference to which I was invited. A few of the Big Boys were going to be keynoting. Chad Hurley, Jack Dorsey Nicklas Zennstrom, The Founders : Twitter, Skype and Youtube. I couldn’t go because I was broke I asked our local county enterprise board for 200 euros they said they were broke. (How they spent 3.3 million Euros in 24 hours beats me) So I thought I would go up and cause a bit of Mayhem. DublinWebSummit.com is their site I thought I would get their attention so I bought DublinWebSummit.net DublinWebSummit.org DublinWebSummit.biz and DublinWebSummit.info then I regestered DublinWebSummit as a business name with the Companies Registration Office in Dublin. It appears I am DublinWebSummit. So I thought they would be a bit polite. I had my marketing manager with me Declan “Spoons” Walshin a top hat, me in my suit with my Brunel Tie and a big sign saying “Dublin Web Summit is Using 20th Century Technology, (It wasn’t like Our conference in onLand theirs was so yesterday. Brian Cowen (Our Irish PM) and my local TD, Brian Cowen is a BIFFO which is what they call people from Offaly : Big Ignorant Fuckers From Offaly and Offaly County Enterprise Board are Morons and BogOfAllen.com Rules. Thats where I live in Offaly, its the largest and oldest recorded Peat Bog in Ireland. Records start at 200 AD. So of we went. Im not daft so on the way I reported to the local cop shop and told them I was doing a demo. We had a chat, nothing offensive Sir? Nope! Ok Its Your Right! Off we went! : My In my Bright Yellow Flourescent Garda Jacket with BogOfAllen.com on the back and Declan in his top hat. (He plays the spoons Very Very well (been featured on Youtube (Declan Walsh Entertains 2000 hits)) Heres The Press Release:

View this document on Scribd

I went in and asked if they could make an exception for a Poor Disabled Reporter (I have my own registered newspaper) who was a Microsoft Partner, Bizspark start up and over 60. And an Entrepreneur running 80 domains and that officially I was DublinWebSummit. They said No. Declan started playing the spoons and I started giving out 500 leaflets I had printed while doing a bit of a Jig :

Heres The Leaflet:

I had 300 of my OnlyFashion.biz business cards which me Helena and Patrick had spent hours writing BogofAllen.com on the back. So we started our Demo. Serendipitously RTÉ our National Television station were just Leaving and they fimed us. Ha! About 30 minutes later the cops turned up in a big van with blue lights flashing. They nodded to me and I waved and they marched inside to talk with the organisers. Ten minutes later they came out I asked if everything was ok? They said “Carry On Sir” and saluted. hehehehe. Oh the day before I got into more trouble!


at 8.30 am this morning I placed my business card measuring 8.5cms x 5cms with “Bog of Allen” written on it. I Placed the card in a Cars door sill so that it would not blow away and litter. I told the person in reception that I had Done This. She said ok and can I have one.  At 11.54 am I received a phone call purporting to be  from the council 05793 46800 (They Masked Their ID) that I am to be prosecuted AND Fined  for littering.  My Response : See You In Court. Come visit me in MountJoy as I Wiil not pay!  I spent months, mostly without pay authoring Their Web site (link here in the Internet Archive)  in March 2000 to April 2001 If You look at the source code

meta name=”Author”


philp finlay-bryan Typical BIFFO!

Response : I passed a skip grabbed suitable materials and made a big sign the text reads :Official Offaly County Council say BogOfAllen.com is (in very very small letters)to Be FINE (in very very small letter)  D (in very very smal letters ) For Littering. I paraded up and down from 4.30pm to 6pm.


That night I thought Oh they will think Im a cybersquatter and I hate Cybersqutters so I thought I better put together a DublinWebSummit Business plan so I did a bit of the old cogitating and made this!

The next day I went back for the last session, dressed smart casual and asked nicely if I could stand at the back. The chap was less than polite. I tried to pick up a brochure and he screamed “CALL SECURITY” and a woman at the back picked up the phone and demanded Security. I left. Well I hung out for a bit had a few chats. One guy said he only found the place because someone had put my pic on Twitter.

Got Home! They had cut off my Internet because I hadn’t payed my bill. Oh Merde! And I had 20 euros to my name! I needed 248 euros because I was in arrears too. See? I told you I was poor, anyway buying a domain name is far more important than having an Internet connection!….Oh, oops, um something wrong with that sentence…. I did tell you I was mad….? Si i wandered into town and waited for a Prod From God. I looked cool, rich and I was wearing Sunglasses. Hello O2 my mobiles O2. Hmmm wi fi modem! Ok blah blah blah lalala “Well Philip we can do you a six month contract for 59 euros (I only had 20) a years contract for 29 euros (shit) 0r a free one with an 18 month contract. ” Ha! Sorted! Except theres a 15 gig a month limit. I’ve alredy used 4 gigs in 14 hours. 😦
Anyway I ended up making this My DublinWebSummit / Blue Mars Business Plan:

I got DublinHub.net WebSummit.org and the overview site is :

NewThinking.info or its on Youtube but my site is prettier and bigger


Of course if they had let me in I would have asked a question I sorta ask “questions” so I can give a speech……

Hi Everybody!Philipm from Bog Of Allen dot com (one day people will say “Hi Dr. Phil”) . Anyone got a camera phone, an Internet connection and a Youtube account? I have,  someone else film this please and put it on Youtube. Anyone got a Laptop a webcam and Skype? Ok we can stream this live over the net to at least 1 person. Ok. People say Twitter is inane people just talk about their pets and what they had for breakfast. Heres my Tweet. Oh Ladies? Could you write this down? I would ask a man to do it but it involves Thinking Writing and Listening and we all know men can’t multi task (And still get paid 40% more than you!) Anyway my Tweet:

My Cat Eats Toast Freud Loved Cats and Cocaine Merchant Bankers Rule on drug money BeKool dot net with a k #craic #crs

OK? My Cat (my pet) eats Toast,  Toast is really important. When the first black proto human (OMG we are descended from Blacks? Thats worse than being descended from monkeys) was on the African savannah and a lightening bolt set the place on fire he said “Great, Now I can make Toast!” Freud a buzz word – hey guys remember when you were a kid and you saw your mum in a bra and felt stirrings? Oh scary stuff. Freud loved cats he said “Time spent with Cats is never wasted. ” When he discovered Cocaine he thought he had found the answer to all humankinds problems (some people still do) until his best mate OD ed on the Stuff.  Merchant Bankers Rule on Drug Money who bailed out the banks to the tune of over 300 million dollars in cash? Coke dealers laundering their drug money. Be Kool dot net with a k advertises my web site. #craic in Irish,  a bit of craic, any craic means FUN! I spelt it for them in case there were coke users in the audience (crack cocaine) and finally #crs = cockney rhyming slang Merchant Bankers = Wankers.  Wankers Rule ! thanks Be Happy

Sham I never got to deliver it……oh OnlyOwls dot com is really Kool. I might not be around much bandwidth / bills stuff but Ill go busking with Declan earn a few bob… ty


Quest Ahoy and Snails

I have seen things you people would not believe Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion bright as magnesium… I rode onthe back decks of a blinker and watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tanhauser Gate. All these moments, lost in time, like tears in the rain:
Click Here Pls I know They are moving not still, so I guess I failed 😦 😦 😦 and it started off at 16 minutes but nobody can handle that without popcorn and a hotdog and a medium coke and it was 93 million bytes which is mad so i made it 27, 700,000 bytes (approx) .. But can I have a consolation T Shirt? Please José They are in Colour (Translate : Color)

Oi! Whers My Block? I’ll Tell Ray Batty!!!! Ei unig gêm nid yw? Neu a yw hynny! Nid A gêm

Blade Runner Script

Its National Escargot Day!



Hi everybody,

Well it’s Thursday. That day of the week when TechnologyGuardian comes out.

technologyGuardian 30/07/09

technologyGuardian 30/07/09

It’s a must read but I guess not EVERYBODY (who is ANYBODY) can get hold of a copy.

We in Tullamore get at least three copies from the-only-newsagent-in-town-that-has-it.

I got mine so I will share (it cost €1 so any contributions will be gratefully accepted)

REM : Set up a donations page on Irish Secure
HeadLine : “When the chips are down”

This is all about fabs – chip fabrication plants, and their cost. Moore’s Law is quoted (please look it up) but the cost of designing a new chip is estimated as $50m , mostly for software (?) and this economic fact may prohibit the production and research of a new chip.

  • 18nm > the expected size of chip circuits in 2014 [it was 3,000nm in 1982] nanometer = billionths of a meter.

Global Foundries, a spin-off of AMD, who is building a new $4.2bn plant in Saratoga County, New York. (thanks to help from New York state who contributed $1.2bn). The plant is due in operation in 2012 and is expected to generate 1,400 jobs, a welcome boost in these economic downturns. BTW the goverment of Abu Dhabi is investing $6bn over the next two years in FAB2. Ha! a FAB2 already.

But from the gloom comes Rock’s Law – the cost of a chip fabrication plant doubles every four years. Rubbish says Philip Ross IEEE. (Just love acronyms doncha know. Remember TWAIN for scanners “Technology Without An Interesting Name” lol). Sorry. The article concludes “Kurzweil…reckons that the next stage is that chips will be built in 3 dimensions”

Got It? Well a bit over my head I must admit. But it’s good about job creation and if your know-it-all-friend starts talking about fabs just toss in “mumble…Abu Dhabi…cough….$6bn….then loudly: FAB2!

Refs: http://bit.ly/fabs1 , http://bit.ly/fabs2


On The Inside : Microsoft has a bad year at the office

The Boys

The Boys

“For the first time in its 34 years, Microsoft has seen revenues dip. Is this a sign of the times or a symptom of decline?” Aaaahh Le pouvre Microsoft. and ” Microsoft is loved; it is hated; but above all Microsoft is big” blah….infatuation with search engines / capitulated in arguments with EU / download other web browsers…. stuff. But the fact is Microsoft got smaller. see graph.

MS Graph :(

MS Graph 😦

> IBM saw revenue drop
> Google’s ship remains steady
> Apple seems to be ignoring the recession entirely, merrily posting blockbuster profits thanks to the iPhone

But what I found interesting was Mini-Microsft, :

Microsoft FY09Q4 Results

“This is it. The wrap up of FY09, coming fresh to us Thursday July 23rd.
I’ll put this up a bit early in case there are any initial questions, thoughts, or insights regarding how FY09 is closing.” [and]

Disclaimer : These are sole individual personal points-of-view and the posts and comments by the participants in no way represent the official point-of-view of Microsoft or any other organization.

This is a discussion to foster debate and by no means an enactment of policy-violation. These posts are provided “as-is” with no warranties and confer no rights. So chill. And think.

Cool. Back to the topic Mini-Microsoft commenters – despite MS $60bn revenues 2009- ” …there is a serious psychological impact to suddenly being on the back foot after so many years of having the Midas touch”. So they are not happy bunnies. Finally: things will bounce back…Microsoft’s size may prove to be its biggest strength rather than a weekness. So, don’t lose any sleep worrying where Bill’s next cup of cofee is coming from.

Coffee Bill?

Coffee Bill?

P.S. Got a great video of Mr Gates when he was but a boy….you must see it but it is difficult….

  • Go To Now Host Your Site .com
  • Click on Solutions
  • Go to the sub menu Media
  • _
    Not a trick honest, it’s embedded in a flash file and I can’t remember how to get it out…..


    Opinion : Virtual Worlds are getting a second life

    NOT VRML (that was last week) but stuff like:

  • World of Warcraft
  • Entropia Universe
  • Habbo Hotel
  • Club Penguin ….and others

  • Snippets : Virtual worlds growth up 39% / estimated $579m / subscriptions / micropayments / 5 to 10 year olds – 76 million registered users / 10 to 15 year olds – 251 million / tails off 15 to 25 year olds only (!) 35 million


    So…Watch out for Twinity ~ ha! shall I join? BETA ~ it’s free, just raised €4.5m; Bluemarsonline.com, testing..”Blue Mars is a free to play massively multiplayer virtual world featuring stunning graphics, realistic characters, and endless social bonding activities. ” again BETA / Free bit spoiled for choice I am : Will Test and report..

    To sum up : ” ….a whole generation growing up for whom having an avatar is second nature, virtual worlds have nowhere to go but up. Only they won’t be virtual worlds – just a part of normal life.”

    What do you think ? Leave a comment. sorry this is a Friday add on but couldn’t resist

    Please Read The Comments!!

    Please Read The Comments!!


    Then there is A Lot on Gaming, sorry not really interested……

    You wanna piece a me punk?

    You wanna piece a me punk?

    —->>> But that would be ignorant and lazy sooooo

    Criminal Behaviour ~ It’s all in the game

    “Street gangs and World of Warcraft (WoW) may not seem linked but analysis of the online role-playing game is helping fight crime in LA”

    Photo : Robert Nickelsberg/Getty

    Photo : Robert Nickelsberg/Getty

    In the past 5 years there were more than 23,000 verified gang crimes in LA > 12,000 felony assaults > approx 10,000 robberies and just under 500 rapes…:(((



    Related: ” …the US Southern Command…. is running operations against drugs and narcoterrorism”

    Analysing data from WoW, Dr Neil Johnson with Palo Alto Research Center + University of CA, says ” We studied these online gangs at the same time I was looking at the offline gangs and it turned out the model we were developing to explain the behaviour of the online guilds began to coincide with the offline gangs”

    Disengenuous? Where do you think WoW got their model from? Thin air? ….?

    But questions arose > Is the largest group the most successful? > Is it stable? > Is it hard to join? > How long do people remain members? >>> “Essentially you are looking at the ecology of groups”

    Mentions : Swine Flu, spread of ideas like the spread of a virus, what would happen if? groups, group dynamics, gang mentality, (sorry for throwing words and concepts at you), C++, fission-fusion, non-linear cluster equations, and…paper and pencil…

    Concludes : “That’s why you will never get rid of gangs – we’re all in gangs”

    Got To Have an Ad :
    Need a job?

    Need a job?


    HA! A Real Newspaper neh!…..anyway here is the……

    Headlines from the ‘net edition:

    Ballmer: Google will try to stop Microsoft/Yahoo deal


    Movie studios sue Pirate Bay


    +353  76 602 4905

    +353 76 602 4905

    iPhone apps could soon be bigger than YouTube.
    But who is making all the money here?
    Apple, the developers,
    or no one at all?

    Well not me… 😦


    Chris Anderson’s Free adds much to The Long Tail, but falls short

    Cory Doctorow: The economics of ‘free’ goods and services cannot be explained in terms of the marketplace – we are more complicated than that


    • BTW I LOVE THE GUARDIAN ~ Best Goddamn Newspaper in the World



  • Sorry I tried to upload the MP3 but it just does not work 😦
  • Flip Video and Atomic Floyd
    Flip Ultra camcorder Audio (16min 52sec): The European chief of Flip Video on why Cisco bought the company, and the competition from video enabled mobile phones



    Hope you enjoyed this, please leave a comment I need the feedback……

    [My New Unused, Pristine Blog is Here, Try setting one up]

    🙂 ?
    😉 ?
    😦 ?
    :-/ ?
    STATS : $78.479 billion and €1 was the total sum mentioned and I referred to 362 million people


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      Hi Barbara (The Press)

      Phone: +49 (0) 30 847 12 25 23
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      Email: barbara(at)metaversum.com

      Should I do a press release? +353 (0) 76 602 4905

      >Can we meet at your place?

      >Please Check to see if I have the directions right, I am walking as my car is in the shop

      Ein clever Mann verpflichtet keine kleinen Ungeschicklichkeiten Goethe
      bit harsh perhaps…I mean nobody’s perfect

      btw philipjamesfinlay-bryan now change your life

      try googling pjfbncyl

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      This month zitty Readers Lounge brings some unexpected moments: This Thursday, 30 July 2009 Alexa Hennig von Lange will be reading live from her latest novel “Peace”, describing the situation of protagonist Joshua, who (to say the least) was raised in a very odd family. His mother chose a rather alternative career model (hippie groupie, ultra lesbian, goa dropout, TV addict & pacifist), his father – or at least the guy he thought of to be his father – got himself a secret second family and a block of shares. On top his mom’s LSD pusher suddenly claims to be his true genitor…
      This is just the basic situation from which Alexa Hennig von Langes’ new novel develops a story line which is packed with wit and tempo – and which shows us the partially absurd debates that influenced our role view over some decades. and……

    • pjfbncyl
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      Well they sent me an email about my graphics card needing updating 😦

      So I did

      I gave them til midnight ~ it is now 11.58 soooo……





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      “Between you and me:

      my address is:

      Schumannstraße 15A, floor 4 Berlin.

      having a flat warming party next week ~ open invitation”

      REM : shiser, will have to get a Berlin Telephone number off skype
      “Between you and me: my address is: Schumannstraße 15A, floor 4 Berlin. having a flat warming party next week ~ open invitation” REM : shiser, will have to get a Berlin Telephone number off skype
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      From: Twinity Support [mailto:support 9at0twinity.com]
      Sent: 30 July 2009 22:11
      To: philip(AT)irishsecure.com
      Subject: [#EAN-260138]: Not Working

      Hello Philip,

      thank you for contacting the Twinity Support Team.
      It would be most helpful if you sent us the error message that you receive.
      This will help us for further investigations.

      Best regards,


      Replied : Hi Simone

      “The application failed to initialise properly (0xc015002) Click OK to terminate application”


      From: Twinity Support [mailto:support 9at0twinity.com] Sent: 30 July 2009 22:11 To: philip(AT)irishsecure.com Subject: [#EAN-260138]: Not Working Hello Philip, thank you for contacting the Twinity Support Team. It would be most helpful if you sent us the error message that you receive. This will help us for further investigations. Best regards, Simone

      Replied : Hi Simone “The application failed to initialise properly (0xc015002) Click OK to terminate application” Philip

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      Submitted on 2009/07/30 at 8:40pm

      email to support (at)twinity.com :
      cc: admin (at) nowireland.net

      I registered
      I downloaded BETA
      I went to the community pages Firefox didn’t like it
      Installed Twinity ~ Error message exception wouldn’t start
      Downloaded client, Installed same message
      Closed PC and restarted ~ same problem
      Tried Internet Explorer 8 Got an apt OK
      BUT user guide & forum give me an error
      Uninstalled everything. Downloaded and installed again
      Same errors

      I run Vista Home Premium 32 bit on an Intel Quad Core 2.3 gigahertz processor with 4 gigs RAM


    Blue Mars Blog Links

    OK EVERYONE: I AM MAKING A DIRECTORY OF TWITTER NAMES LIKE @pjfbncyl @whyroc @bluemarsonline @vanethica @onlydragons (?) please leave yours in a comment. Yes I know I am daft but the links work don’t they? Well except one…..I Wonder why? lol……@4throck
    Real Flying , Wel Virtu..Well Re well…is here
    PLEASE CALEDONIA MARS CONTACT ME re: http://CaledoniaMars.com

    AlphaKlata’s blog http://alphaklata-marsdev.blogspot.com/
    Blue News http://blue-news.com/
    Caledonia in Blue Mars http://sites.google.com/site/caledoniamars/ (City!) This is too important to let someone else get so I am holding the dot com in trust.
    Dudestarship’s blog https://bluemarsonline.wordpress.com/
    GridRock City http://gridrock.com/ (City!)
    Lizzie Lexington http://lizzielexingtoninbluemars.wordpress.com/
    Martian Mouthpiece http://bluemartians.ning.com/
    Metavercity fan site http://www.metavercity.net/
    Rock’s blog http://rock4throck-vacirca.blogspot.com/ you are so funny Dude. Ficus Two Planks rotfchuklingmao cause of da hemmeroids

    Remember HE was the one talking to a bush!

    Rock’s fan site http://life-on-mars.proboards.com/ Save As You Go Be Patient
    Rock’s FAQ http://4th-rock.blogspot.com/ OI! He’s in Twice so:
    Dude Starship Dude Starship Dude Starship
    Shiny Iceberg http://www.virtualmagazine.cz/kategorie/153 (Czech)
    Tertius Prime http://tertiusprime.ning.com/ (future City!)
    Wild West Games http://blue-news.com/showcase-wild-west-games/ (future City!)

    VSE http://marsdevcorp.com/ (creators of New Venice City!) Under Construction o like the most amazing site on Blue Mars and what do they call it ” Under Construction” Why? Because when you fly thro waterfalls your camera gets  wet.Real Flying , Wel Virtu..Well Re well…is here


    Flickr Groups
    Official Blue Mars group
    ohttp://www.flickr.com/photos/bluemarsonline/ If I am not in it I am taking this link down

    Flickr Fan Groups
    Got These Flickr Lickr Links Mixed up now

    How did he get in?

    http://www.flickr.com/groups/1238508@N23/ Catchy Name …need a vowel?

    Who me? You Merchant Banker!

    http://www.flickr.com/groups/1180650@N25/ see the one above and do the math. Do I have to do everything?

    Phew, Dear Readers, If You missed anything Please Google pjfbncyl you will find a few extra links

    Of Course THE BEST BLOG IS AT :

    BlueMars dot

    DudeStarship dot


    But its really difficult to remember

    What’s a tautology?

    Just Included this because its important

    Microsoft Office 2010

    It is important to keep up with innovations. Blue Mars is a VR supremo and cutting edge. I believe we have to keep up with all technological advances.

    Flat Fact: LAS VEGAS — Jan. 8, 2009 — Millions of people around the world use Microsoft Office in the course of their day-to-day work. It might come as a surprise, though, that Office also is the most popular software in the world for personal use — whether for writing school reports, designing party invitations, scheduling carpools, keeping grocery lists or organizing budgets.

    All told, roughly half a billion people use Office. Yet for all the ways consumers use it at home, there are many more time-saving solutions to be found in the world’s most ubiquitous desktop software.

    Here is a video.

    I have downloaded the Professional Pro version. I will report. You may have noticed I make the occasional video? The powerpoint facilities look really exciting. I will install Share Point As well. 12 years ago the locals used to call me “Hi-Tech Phil”…only the name has been changed to protect the innocent………


    yr friendly techie

    Dude Starship . com

    http://OnlyAvatars.org A division of http://OnlyDragons.com …&… while waiting for http://OnlyBlueMars.com DNS to resolve

    Virtuality Labs .com

    Video made by http://RavensKiss.org

    So I made this. Its only a test run so please excuse it. I have added the tag omg to my posts. I hope you understand why. Please watch this in Full Screen.

    Just A Word

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