Shopping In Blue Mars

I was feeling pretty depressed. That stupid Forum Post. The moment I woke up at about 2am I thought. “Right, I’ll delete it straight away, its patronising, egotistical, condescending and down right stupid” So I went to delete it. It was locked. I guess they will delete it.

O dear what an idiot. I thought I would go to Blue Mars, hide and see if any of my mates were on line. Oh, update for GridRock “my” city. I started the download. I went to Pavonis, nobody ever goes there. And landed on top of José (my pet name for her, I  have pet names for most people) Josie Blue. Oh dear she would kill me for my forum post! I quickly logged out. Um. Went back in as Dude Starship and Grid Rock had finished downloading so I went there. I started a pm chat to Gui andd Sis. Looking for solace. Gui loled at me, Sis told me to get over to her but added a omg… I started flying around Grid. Btw I never read what the new build is about which is pretty stupid. Anyway while flying I spotted extra buildings on Bauhaus Island. I know Grid so well that I can spot anything different from 2000 feet. Lol.  I had met the dev, she was nice. So I flew over to the new buildings. Oh Wow! Shoes! Ladies Love Shoes! Omg, a new shoe shop!!!! I had to get Bitchy! So I relogged and went back to Grid to check out the shoes. Coolness! Wow! I had to buy at least one pair. Oh I had to make a vid, had to buy a pair. Shit 27 Blus. Oh well 2400 isn’t much. I hit the Buy Blus Button. Kool, Avatar Reality really have got this together. Ill make a vid of shopping and buying, great demo! I was really excited. It took five hours to make this video, from start to getting it here. Here is the script :

(OMG Chris Hawkins is Playing a song I requested three weeks! Starship Trooper by Yes! From Philip Finlay-Bryan aka Dude Starship ~ OMG. Wow omg wow so kool. You have to play two air guitars for the final riff, one for each speaker. Il’ll put the lyrics at the end IT IS SO APPROPRIATE!!!!! OH DEAR THE UNIVERSE JUST SAID : “Hey mate heard you were feeling a bit low. Get on your board Dude, Surfs Up!)

Here is the script with rules:

  • Start from the start screen so its a complete movie.
  • Grid Rock has its own sound so I can use that and don’t have to worry about copyright, but I will have to go to the player
  • Demonstrate flying and Grids graphics
  • It has to be REAL, I really have to buy it or its not a proper demo
  • It can only be 15 mins to put on Youtube

The first take was 35 mins, too long to edit so I scrapped it. The rehersal was useful and I had to overcome the glitch of finding 3 euros 79 cents on a credit card, I could only afford 1200 😦 , so that wouldn’t stop me from having 10 euros left in case I needed a domain. Declan and me were being hired to de horn 20 calves but the guy said only Declan, hes a young fell (55). I have 15 euros in the bank to last me until wednesday as I had paid all my hosting bills. The second take I got in 20 mins. It took me 10 mins to edit it down to 16 mins 45 secs. It took me 20 mins to edit down that 1 min 45 secs. Oh I hated The Cuts. You see when I make a movie it has to be one take to keep it real so a client / user can see a real time experience….Anyway, here it is, IGNORE THE YOUTUBE ONE GO TO THE NEXT ONE :

DAMN THE SOUND IS CRAP OR NON EXISTENT, Im redoing it as we speak, unedited with my own soundtrack it will be on TechnologyIsMe..(Btw ifyou can get anything out of the credit card… enjoy lol )

Was it worth it for youtube? Sorry, maybe not. Thats what comes of rushing things. I’ ll have to use my own soundtrack next time… I asked for help to make videos, like having someone else in the vids and was told I should hire actors, pay devs to help me. I cant afford that. I cant afford to pay ordinary users. No one will help me for free, though it would only be for 30 mins. The forum really hammered me for asking for help. They beat me up for using emoticons. I quit for nearly two weeks after that debacle. They publically ridiculed me. It was so humiliating. They could have done it in private. It still hurts. That was about four months ago. Thats why all my videos only have me in them. It will probably happen again. And I’m a guy so I have no idea how to dress. No doubt the ladies will laugh at me for looking stupid. So I guess I’ll quit for a couple of weeks. Ah I’ll bounce … maybe. Im too old and stupid for BM. Ho hum. I just have to learn to shut up but at 61, well old dog new tricks… Nobody clicks on the “Like” button . Oh well I got the real universe to surf in! Starship Trooper!

Sister Bluebird flying high above,
Shine your wings forward to the sun.
Hide the mysteries of life on your way –
Though you’ve seen them, please don’t say a word.
What you don’t know, I have never heard.

Starship Trooper, go sailing on by,
Catch my soul, catch the very light.
Hide the moment from my eager eye –
Though you’ve seen there, please don’t tell a soul.
What you can’t see, can’t be very whole.

Speak to me of summer, long winters longer than time can remember,
The setting up of other roads,to travel on in old accustomed ways.
I still remember the talks by the water, the proud sons and daughter
That knew the knowledge of the land, spoke to me in sweet accustomed ways.

Mother life, hold firmly on to me.
Catch my knowledge higher than the day.
Lose as much as only you can show.
Though you’ve seen me, please don’t say a word.
What I don’t know, I have never shared.

II. Disillusion

Loneliness is a power that we possess to give or take away forever.
All I know can be shown by your acceptance of the fact there shown
before you.
Take what I say in a diff’rent way and it’s easy to say
that this is all confusion.

As I see a new day in me, I can also show if you and you may
Follow –

Speak to me of summer, long winters longer than time can remember,
Setting up of other roads,to travel on in old accustomed ways.
I still remember the talks by the water, the proud sons and daughters that,
KNEW the knowledge of the land, spoke to me in sweet accustomed ways.

Suns coming up. Got a busy day ahead of me. We are marching in town against the 9000 euros that it will cost each man woman and child in Ireland, to bail out the Anglo Irish Bank, they have cut my disability benefit and I now have to pay an extra 3 euros for my diabetic medication, the same amount I spent in BM today and Unemployment in town (9000 people , funny how the numbers co incide). Then off to Clonbullogh to cause a bit of mayhem and advertise my BeKool (dot) net site as there is a local Web company ripping people off. And Declan says we have a date with two girls, hope it gets the calf money. He has … he he he … I might not be home tonight… he he he … Busy Day.. I’ll go for a swim first and congitate…. And the place is a mess because my housekeeper 😉 a homeless, friendless, toothless, no english slovakian lady with a 10 year old son 50 years old hasnt done any cleaning (its how she pays me backfor feeding and housing them) because i taught her how to use the computer. Now shes on Facebook all the time playing her café world with 100 friends and curses IE 8 when its slow IN ENGLISH! a success story I think but I wish she would do the washing up…


Quest Ahoy and Snails

I have seen things you people would not believe Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion bright as magnesium… I rode onthe back decks of a blinker and watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tanhauser Gate. All these moments, lost in time, like tears in the rain:
Click Here Pls I know They are moving not still, so I guess I failed 😦 😦 😦 and it started off at 16 minutes but nobody can handle that without popcorn and a hotdog and a medium coke and it was 93 million bytes which is mad so i made it 27, 700,000 bytes (approx) .. But can I have a consolation T Shirt? Please José They are in Colour (Translate : Color)

Oi! Whers My Block? I’ll Tell Ray Batty!!!! Ei unig gêm nid yw? Neu a yw hynny! Nid A gêm

Blade Runner Script

Its National Escargot Day!

The Amelia Earhart Blue Mars Trophy

Quick Poll First Then Laugh

Is Virtual Reality real?

Breaking News: HE HAS DONE IT AGAIN! The Dude Starship issued this statement minutes ago:

I, Dude Starship aka pjfbncyl, resident of Blue Mars, Second Life and Twinity do hereby claim “The Amelia Earhart Blue Mars Trophy” for my home-flying-BigTelescope-home flight in 1.39.02 . It will be engraved so.

Well, this is some dude! First Teleporter 1 now this. Is it a clean sweep? We asked Howard to “Tell it like it is” Howard?

Thank You Kent. Is flying a sport? Is Amelia Earhart a sport? Is this so called Virtual Reality of relevence in Joe Public’s eye? In my humble opinion Kent, No it is not. Avatars are center stage, they have a movie. But who are they? Where is their pedigree? They strut around all mouth and no trousers. I supported Ali. The Public didn’t like it. I don’t care Kent. I was right then I am right now. Is Amelia a sport? You betcha!

Well Howard you told it like it is (This station is in no way afiliated with ABC and any opinion expressed by them or their employees, is their perogative) we say hats off to you Dude! What’s Next? What Is Next?

[From Our Archives here is Teleporter 1]

i dream in html while flying when i should be in my café

REF: Wiki again Berners-Lee in late 1991

Hello Children, Uncle Dude here.  No Glenn I am not your real Uncle. Ok. Now was everyone good for their parents this weekend? Great, you are all Supa Stars. Tiffaney, don’t do that dear, it’s not very nice. Right. Now. Get your work books out. Ok. Please sit down Rock Vacirca if you want to run please go outside, and your resolution is fine. Children CHILDREN! Thankyou. Open a new page and write at the top H T M L ok? H T M L. No V R M L is next week. OK underline it. Very Good  Tim Berners-Lee! Do you have to put forward slashes everywhere? Right. Today we are going to create a web page. Ok, hands up who knows what www stands for? All of you! Ok, well its not really used any more. So you can forget it. Ok. Please copy this down:

<html xmlns="">

Ok? Yes I know it is unicode or UTF or. Never mind, just write it in in pencil.
Right. Now every web page has a head, a body and a footer. All the clever stuff called
Meta ….Yes Glenn? Pardon me? You mean it indicates a concept which is an abstraction from another concept, used to complete or add to the latter. Yes that’s very true. Glenn are you using an IM? If so please put it away. Where was I? In the body is stuff, the important stuff. You will see that it has an opening tag and a closing tag like this [stuff] then [/stuff] and you put thingys in between so you end up with [stuff] thingys [/stuff] Ok? GLENN TIFFANY What is so Funny? Right Glenn bring your work book up here! NOW! …And What is this? Is this suopposed to be clever? [kick] Your Ass [/kick] Well Glenn it may be in html5 but it has no place in this classroom. Now sit down and pay attention. oh dear o dear. I’m going for coffee. Play quietly please…

Venice > ESC > Mouse Up > Forward Arrow To Fly > Mouse To Guide > Q To Get Off

And nobody told me! Fer Shame On You

The Competion?

Breakfast Is Now Being Served

I Wanted to post this here to round things off but Fox objected

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