The Welcome Area and Misty Hollow

But First This Its Ash and Oil… Scary / Crazy but mainly scary

And to couterract that :


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But Here Is The Misty Hollow World and I Love IT

Misty Hollow Quest 3

Each clue will be close to the Misty Hollow Magical ball to teleport to the next location. There are only 5 for this quest to start. The next city release will have more quest, better stories, and webpages setup.

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Davy and V love caves and wonder if there are more here. So they swam back to the small island, and set off to the mainland by the beach. Davy being the daydreamer he is starts getting wild idea’s about moving here. He first envisions a huge dock. V knowing Davy so well looked at his eye’s and notices something is up. She ask.. What are you thinking about now? Davy replied I envision a boat dock here.. V just rolls her eyes..

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]Head for that cave for the mh magical ball teleport.

The cave is well hidden. Its best to run to the bottom of the ocean towards the mountain. You will find another “non” clickable mh magical ball. head that way, and up the ramp leading to the cave. Once at the docks the teleport takes you back to the spawn point. Your next clue is on 2 fingers island. 2 fingers island is very easy to notice. This island has 2 rock formations on both sides. *HINT* the island is behind the shops, and to the left. Run towards the mh huts, and look left from the beach area.

Grid Rock : My Number 1 place :

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EA Games, Dragon Age. I made a joke about this stupid “game”. I spent 20 mins getting my face right. BEFORE I started the game. The mage was quick. Ynys as you see here is nice, she is a noble woman and a Rogue. Her Dog Shiva obeys her and only her, goes everywhere, fights like a demon, she can pick any lock. You will see tho, Aelfryd,[ÆLFÞRYÐ = Anglo-Saxon name composed of the Old English elements ælf “elf” and þryð “strength,” hence “elfin strength.”] …my Elfin lady warrior. She is my star. Spent an hour and a half getting her right. She’s not so pretty, not a looker like but not homely either. She’s a bit skinny, red hair. A bit Irish….. She has character. We spent the first two hours getting ready for her wedding. She has a bit of an attitude see. Humans treat Elves like scum. She was nearly raped by the local lord. She kicks ass but the humans were too strong. She doesn’t like humans very much. She was rescued by Alistair and he took her off for training. While getting ready to become a Grey Warden she was wandering around checking things out, a bit lost, with her crap clothes and little dagger. She chatted to lots of people. After about 20 minutes she was at the forest gate. The guard turned her away, said it was too dangerous for a little elf, especially a female. She turned to leave when a human messenger arrived and he spoke to the Guard:

He said to the Guard ” I have to deliver Sir Green’s Iron Broad Sword. Do you know where his tent is?”
Aelfryd could interrupt, she had four choices:

  • 1. No, I am new here. Can you help me?
  • 2. Who is Sir Green? Please tell me about him
  • 3. I don’t know anything about that
  • 4. I know Sir Green, I am just going to his tent now, perhaps I can take it for you?

Aelfryd didn’t hesitate for a moment. What would you do?



Blue Mars Gadgets & Me


Inspired By Rock V

Me & GF


This Should Be Under The Sea in Blue Mars

A Work Of Art

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Plant Me In Venice

Important Link For Irish Entrepreneurs ~ Sorry This Is Personal

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