Dublin Web Summit

Um I sorta thought I would take a bit of Action to publises Moi and BM. There was a conference to which I was invited. A few of the Big Boys were going to be keynoting. Chad Hurley, Jack Dorsey Nicklas Zennstrom, The Founders : Twitter, Skype and Youtube. I couldn’t go because I was broke I asked our local county enterprise board for 200 euros they said they were broke. (How they spent 3.3 million Euros in 24 hours beats me) So I thought I would go up and cause a bit of Mayhem. DublinWebSummit.com is their site I thought I would get their attention so I bought DublinWebSummit.net DublinWebSummit.org DublinWebSummit.biz and DublinWebSummit.info then I regestered DublinWebSummit as a business name with the Companies Registration Office in Dublin. It appears I am DublinWebSummit. So I thought they would be a bit polite. I had my marketing manager with me Declan “Spoons” Walshin a top hat, me in my suit with my Brunel Tie and a big sign saying “Dublin Web Summit is Using 20th Century Technology, (It wasn’t like Our conference in onLand theirs was so yesterday. Brian Cowen (Our Irish PM) and my local TD, Brian Cowen is a BIFFO which is what they call people from Offaly : Big Ignorant Fuckers From Offaly and Offaly County Enterprise Board are Morons and BogOfAllen.com Rules. Thats where I live in Offaly, its the largest and oldest recorded Peat Bog in Ireland. Records start at 200 AD. So of we went. Im not daft so on the way I reported to the local cop shop and told them I was doing a demo. We had a chat, nothing offensive Sir? Nope! Ok Its Your Right! Off we went! : My In my Bright Yellow Flourescent Garda Jacket with BogOfAllen.com on the back and Declan in his top hat. (He plays the spoons Very Very well (been featured on Youtube (Declan Walsh Entertains 2000 hits)) Heres The Press Release:

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I went in and asked if they could make an exception for a Poor Disabled Reporter (I have my own registered newspaper) who was a Microsoft Partner, Bizspark start up and over 60. And an Entrepreneur running 80 domains and that officially I was DublinWebSummit. They said No. Declan started playing the spoons and I started giving out 500 leaflets I had printed while doing a bit of a Jig :

Heres The Leaflet:

I had 300 of my OnlyFashion.biz business cards which me Helena and Patrick had spent hours writing BogofAllen.com on the back. So we started our Demo. Serendipitously RTÉ our National Television station were just Leaving and they fimed us. Ha! About 30 minutes later the cops turned up in a big van with blue lights flashing. They nodded to me and I waved and they marched inside to talk with the organisers. Ten minutes later they came out I asked if everything was ok? They said “Carry On Sir” and saluted. hehehehe. Oh the day before I got into more trouble!


at 8.30 am this morning I placed my business card measuring 8.5cms x 5cms with “Bog of Allen” written on it. I Placed the card in a Cars door sill so that it would not blow away and litter. I told the person in reception that I had Done This. She said ok and can I have one.  At 11.54 am I received a phone call purporting to be  from the council 05793 46800 (They Masked Their ID) that I am to be prosecuted AND Fined  for littering.  My Response : See You In Court. Come visit me in MountJoy as I Wiil not pay!  I spent months, mostly without pay authoring Their Web site (link here in the Internet Archive)  in March 2000 to April 2001 If You look at the source code

meta name=”Author”


philp finlay-bryan Typical BIFFO!

Response : I passed a skip grabbed suitable materials and made a big sign the text reads :Official Offaly County Council say BogOfAllen.com is (in very very small letters)to Be FINE (in very very small letter)  D (in very very smal letters ) For Littering. I paraded up and down from 4.30pm to 6pm.


That night I thought Oh they will think Im a cybersquatter and I hate Cybersqutters so I thought I better put together a DublinWebSummit Business plan so I did a bit of the old cogitating and made this!

The next day I went back for the last session, dressed smart casual and asked nicely if I could stand at the back. The chap was less than polite. I tried to pick up a brochure and he screamed “CALL SECURITY” and a woman at the back picked up the phone and demanded Security. I left. Well I hung out for a bit had a few chats. One guy said he only found the place because someone had put my pic on Twitter.

Got Home! They had cut off my Internet because I hadn’t payed my bill. Oh Merde! And I had 20 euros to my name! I needed 248 euros because I was in arrears too. See? I told you I was poor, anyway buying a domain name is far more important than having an Internet connection!….Oh, oops, um something wrong with that sentence…. I did tell you I was mad….? Si i wandered into town and waited for a Prod From God. I looked cool, rich and I was wearing Sunglasses. Hello O2 my mobiles O2. Hmmm wi fi modem! Ok blah blah blah lalala “Well Philip we can do you a six month contract for 59 euros (I only had 20) a years contract for 29 euros (shit) 0r a free one with an 18 month contract. ” Ha! Sorted! Except theres a 15 gig a month limit. I’ve alredy used 4 gigs in 14 hours. 😦
Anyway I ended up making this My DublinWebSummit / Blue Mars Business Plan:

I got DublinHub.net WebSummit.org and the overview site is :

NewThinking.info or its on Youtube but my site is prettier and bigger


Of course if they had let me in I would have asked a question I sorta ask “questions” so I can give a speech……

Hi Everybody!Philipm from Bog Of Allen dot com (one day people will say “Hi Dr. Phil”) . Anyone got a camera phone, an Internet connection and a Youtube account? I have,  someone else film this please and put it on Youtube. Anyone got a Laptop a webcam and Skype? Ok we can stream this live over the net to at least 1 person. Ok. People say Twitter is inane people just talk about their pets and what they had for breakfast. Heres my Tweet. Oh Ladies? Could you write this down? I would ask a man to do it but it involves Thinking Writing and Listening and we all know men can’t multi task (And still get paid 40% more than you!) Anyway my Tweet:

My Cat Eats Toast Freud Loved Cats and Cocaine Merchant Bankers Rule on drug money BeKool dot net with a k #craic #crs

OK? My Cat (my pet) eats Toast,  Toast is really important. When the first black proto human (OMG we are descended from Blacks? Thats worse than being descended from monkeys) was on the African savannah and a lightening bolt set the place on fire he said “Great, Now I can make Toast!” Freud a buzz word – hey guys remember when you were a kid and you saw your mum in a bra and felt stirrings? Oh scary stuff. Freud loved cats he said “Time spent with Cats is never wasted. ” When he discovered Cocaine he thought he had found the answer to all humankinds problems (some people still do) until his best mate OD ed on the Stuff.  Merchant Bankers Rule on Drug Money who bailed out the banks to the tune of over 300 million dollars in cash? Coke dealers laundering their drug money. Be Kool dot net with a k advertises my web site. #craic in Irish,  a bit of craic, any craic means FUN! I spelt it for them in case there were coke users in the audience (crack cocaine) and finally #crs = cockney rhyming slang Merchant Bankers = Wankers.  Wankers Rule ! thanks Be Happy

Sham I never got to deliver it……oh OnlyOwls dot com is really Kool. I might not be around much bandwidth / bills stuff but Ill go busking with Declan earn a few bob… ty


New Build, Fullerine and Carpe Diem

Flat Fact : Carpe diem is a phrase from a Latin poem by Horace (see “Source” section below). It is popularly translated as “seize the day”. Carpe means “pick, pluck, pluck off, gather”, but Horace used the word to mean “enjoy, make use of”..”

Enjoy, Make Use Of, Gather

For me, when I see something cool I enjoy it and then I MAKE USE OF IT! I Seize it. My PA had logged off my account and logged in to hers. When I was back in front of my computer I started Google.

WTF? Wow thats cool! What is it? I looked at the source of the page and it was described as a buckyball. Hmm, new to me. I did some searching and REsearching. Wow thats interesting. I should know this…did a bit more researching ….hmmm Fullerene… Great a little vid explaining it. Right I’ll seize that, so i turned it into an animation BECAUSE I KNOW HOW TO DO STUFF!! Here is the result >>>

“Time and Tide Waits For No Man” [sic] btw sic = This word is sometimes inserted in a quotation [sic], to call attention to the fact that some remarkable or inaccurate expression, misspelling, or the like, is literally reproduced. So many of our stock phrases use the masculine “Man” , for me this engenders the male superiority trip dissing Woman again. So use it please if you must quote.


Every since we lost the pumpkins I called the welcome area boring. I tried hiding in a bush and that was fun for a while. The Wecome Tree is of course important BUT Generally Welcome was boring!!! It is not anymore the video is on its way in the meantime I an being bounced by waves over the natural bridge on a an island in Welcome! Not Drowning but Waving. I Love It!!!!!!

Sorry, just had to make this. I Am So Excited!! Thanks to Jo Goode 6music for the sounds. I just left the radio running

Stange : I laughed so hard I couldn’t tell you what I was laughing at, so i videoed it. Hey. Its ok to smoke marijuana. Just don’t inhale!

Heres the vid:

Epilogue : I made this this morning for Shaun’s Blog. Well, its International Beard Day and Shaun’s been chatting about it so did a bit more seizing and graphicalling.  Im in the process of setting up Neologising.com coz thats what I do. When I want a word that doesn’t exist i neologise, its kinda caught on. (ssshh its also fun). Of course to be a “proper” neologism its got to be accepted. I just like evolving language. You probably know that “Google” is a neologism and so is “Twitter”……

OnlyBlueMars dot com

Visit OnlyBlueMars for the real thing

The Welcome Area and Misty Hollow

But First This Its Ash and Oil… Scary / Crazy but mainly scary

And to couterract that :


Here Is Sage :

Touch For Link

Please Change The Video!

And an animation for the notice board?????

Touch Me

But Here Is The Misty Hollow World and I Love IT

Misty Hollow Quest 3

Each clue will be close to the Misty Hollow Magical ball to teleport to the next location. There are only 5 for this quest to start. The next city release will have more quest, better stories, and webpages setup.

Touch Me

Davy and V love caves and wonder if there are more here. So they swam back to the small island, and set off to the mainland by the beach. Davy being the daydreamer he is starts getting wild idea’s about moving here. He first envisions a huge dock. V knowing Davy so well looked at his eye’s and notices something is up. She ask.. What are you thinking about now? Davy replied I envision a boat dock here.. V just rolls her eyes..

Touch Me

]Head for that cave for the mh magical ball teleport.

The cave is well hidden. Its best to run to the bottom of the ocean towards the mountain. You will find another “non” clickable mh magical ball. head that way, and up the ramp leading to the cave. Once at the docks the teleport takes you back to the spawn point. Your next clue is on 2 fingers island. 2 fingers island is very easy to notice. This island has 2 rock formations on both sides. *HINT* the island is behind the shops, and to the left. Run towards the mh huts, and look left from the beach area.

Grid Rock : My Number 1 place :

My Music :

Hard Rock Café

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Lets Be Happy

Rhiagh showed me this. Its Great

I Am Depressed

Because I haven’t Visited Blue Mars In Ages (well early this AM met Krishna The Tour Guide went for a run in Grid Rock told her about the SINGLE SHADOW FROM T W O MOONS!!!!!) I truly Believe that Social Media is a real way forward to ease depression.

I SINCERELY BELIEVE THAT A VIRTUAL WORLD SUCH AS BLUE MARS WITH ITS E X C I T I N G I N T E R FA C E and V I R T U A L I TY can help us all to grow, explore and expand our minds. The Theme of this post is Music/Technology/Humour/Political Comment and Book Creators who gave us our First Virtual Experience…..Virtual Reality is no longer “Virtual” It Is Real!


I Am So Depressed

Thanks for the i m put. This post is copied from http://3d.onlyavatars.org

Rumors of Johnny Depps Death death fluttered around the Internet yesterday. OMG I pray they are not true because I LOVE U JOHNNY!

I’m Depressed So This Post Will Be About Depression. Sorry 😦

* Major Depressive Disorder is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. for ages 15-44.3
* Major depressive disorder affects approximately 14.8 million American adults, or about 6.7 percent of the U.S. population age 18 and older in a given year.1
* While major depressive disorder can develop at any age, the median age at onset is 32.5
* Major depressive disorder is more prevalent in women than in men.6

It was said on the Radio that yesterday was the most depressing day of the year. Here is one more story.

Some Famous People With Depression Links

  • Amy Tan
    Chinese American writer Amy Tan has said that her mother witnessed Tan’s grandmother committing suicide. She believes that she, her mother and grandmother all have suffered from depression.
  • Anne Rice
    American writer Rice has suffered from depression due to long-term illness and the loss of her husband.
  • Ashley Judd
    Ashley Judd, actress and daughter/half-sister of the singing duo The Judds, revealed in 2006 that she had suffered from depression and an eating disorder.
  • Billy Corgan
    American musician from the band The Smashing Pumpkins, reported to have suffered from deep depression while working hard on the band’s albums.
  • Billy Joel
    A profile of the musician Billy Joel and his struggles with depression.
  • Boris Yeltsin
    An article about the Russian president Boris Yeltsin, his depression, and his rumored alcohol problems.
  • Brian Wilson
    Beach Boy Brian Wilson suffered a breakdown in the 1970’s due to mental illness and drug abuse.
  • Brooke Shields
    A profile of actress Brooke Shields and her experiences with postpartum depression.
  • Buzz Aldrin
    In recent years, astronaut Buzz Aldrin has spoken frankly about his past depression and alcohol abuse.
  • David Bohm
    American physicist who experienced bouts of depression thoughout his life.
  • Delta Burke
    In 2008, Delta Burke, best known for her role on the TV series Designing Women, spoke candidly about her depression and hospitalization during an interview with The Insider.
  • Diana, Princess of Wales
    A profile of Diana, Princess of Wales and her struggles with depression and eating disorders.
  • Dick Cavett
    American talk show host Dick Cavett has spoken openly about his depression, which began when he was in college. He was sued in 1997 by a producer for breach of contract when failing to show up for a nationally syndicated radio program. Cavett’s lawyer confirmed to the Associated Press at the time that Cavett left due to a manic-depressive episode.
  • Drew Carey
    In an interview with Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell, comedian and host of The Price Is Right Drew Carey revealed a darker side of himself. “I was depressed for a long time,” said Carey. So depressed that at the age of 18 and again in his 20’s he attempted to take his own life by overdosing on pills.
  • Emma Thompson
    Nanny McPhee star Emma Thompson has revealed that in the past she suffered from depression, brought on by her attempts to conceive via in vitro fertilization.
  • Harrison Ford
    A profile of the actor Harrison Ford and his struggles with depression.
  • Heath Ledger
    Prior to his 2008 overdose, Aussie actor Heath Ledger, star of the gay romance movie Brokeback Mountain, suffered from depression, insomnia and addiction.
  • Hugh Laurie
    Hugh Laurie, the multi-talented British actor who portrays the tortured genius Dr. Greg House on Fox’s hit medical drama House, admitted in a 2007 interview that he was suffering from depression.
  • J. K. Rowling
    In an interview with Adeel Amini for a student magazine at Edinburgh University, Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling revealed that she had once been suicidally depressed.
  • Jeffrey Sebelia
    Project Runway winner Jeffrey Sebelia once battled depression and came close to committing suicide.
  • Jim Carrey
    A profile of the comedian Jim Carrey and his struggles with depression.
  • John Denver
    When Denver’s career fell into a slump in the ’80s, he found himself alone without a wife, and began developing a serious problem with depression and alcohol.
  • Kurt Cobain
    Best known as the lead singer and guitarist for the grunge band Nirvana, Kurt Cobain died of a gunshot wound at the age of 27. The official cause of death is listed as suicide.
  • Marie Osmond
    Marie Osmond was one of the first celebrities to speak out about the reality of postpartum depression.
  • Mark Roget
    Mark Roget, the creator of Roget’s Thesaurus, found at an early age that making lists of words helped him to cope with his depression.
  • Mike Wallace
    Newscaster Mike Wallace showed us that even men, who often believe they must be strong and not show vulnerability, can become depressed.
  • Olivia Newton-John
    Speaking with the Australian Women’s Weekly magazine, singer Olivia Newton-John revealed that she had struggled with depression following the disappearance of her long-time partner Patrick McDermott.
  • Owen Wilson
    In August of 2007, Owen Wilson, who starred in such movies as Wedding Crashers and Starsky & Hutch was reported as having attempted suicide. He has thus far not publicly spoken about this event or having depression, however.
  • Pete Wentz
    In an interview with Q magazine, Fall Out Boy bassist and songwriter Pete Wentz revealed that he has bipolar disorder.
  • Richard Jeni
    Comedian Richard Jeni, best known for appearances on the Tonight Show and his HBO comedy specials, died on March 10, 2007 from what appeared to be suicide.
  • Rodney Dangerfield
    Although diagnosed later in life with clinical depression, Dangerfield believed that it began early in his life due to a father who abandoned him and a mother whose cruel remarks made him feel worthless.
  • Rosie O’Donnell
    During her tenure on The View, Rosie O’Donnell discussed her depression following the Columbine High School shooting and how she currently uses inversion therapy to help control her depression.
  • Sheryl Crow
    A profile of musician Sheryl Crow and her experiences with depression.
  • Tennessee Williams
    American playwright who was reported to have a fear of becoming insane like his sister and went into a decade-long depression after the death of his lover.
  • Terry Bradshaw
    A profile of the football great Terry Bradshaw and his struggles with depression.
  • Thomas F. Eagleton
    In 1972, when depression was much more stigmatized than it is now, Sen. Eagleton, who at the time was the running mate of presidential candidate George McGovern, held a press conference to reveal that he had been treated for depression and had received ECT (electroconvulsive therapy). He eventually left the ticket.
  • Trent Reznor
    American musician from the band Nine Inch Nails who says he suffered from depression in the late 90’s. In a 1999 interview for Rolling Stone magazine, he said that “It just took me time to sit down and change my head and my life around. I had to slap myself in the face: ‘If you want to kill yourself, do it, save everybody the fucking hassle. Or get your shit together.'”
  • Vincent Van Gogh
    An article about the artist Vincent Van Gogh and his depression.
  • Winston Churchill
    An essay about the depression of Winston Churchill.
  • Philip (Finlay-) Bryan. Struggled with Depression most of hia Adult Life. Currently preparing a blog post at 3D.OnlyAvatars.org after hearing about the alleged death of one of his heroes, A Mr J.Depp.

One of my heroes, An Irish Comedian who:

He suffered from severe bipolar disorder for most of his life, having at least ten major mental breakdowns, several lasting over a year. He spoke candidly about his condition and its effect on his life:

“I have got so low that I have asked to be hospitalised and for deep narcosis (sleep). I cannot stand being awake. The pain is too much… Something has happened to me, this vital spark has stopped burning – I go to a dinner table now and I don’t say a word, just sit there like a dodo. Normally I am the centre of attention, keep the conversation going – so that is depressing in itself. It’s like another person taking over, very strange. The most important thing I say is ‘good evening’ and then I go quiet.”

Spike Miiligan. I grew up listening to the Goon Show, rolling on the floor laughing my arse off with my brother. The man was a genius. Look:::

Terence Alan Patrick Seán Milligan KBE (16 April 1918 – 27 February 2002), known as Spike Milligan, was an Irish[1] comedian, writer, musician, poet and playwright. Milligan was the co-creator and the principal writer of The Goon Show, in which he also performed.

Milligan wrote several books, including Puckoon and his six part autobiographical account of his time serving during the Second World War, beginning with Adolf Hitler: My part in his downfall. He is also noted as a popular writer of comical verse, much of his poetry was written for children, Silly Verse for Kids was published in 1959. After the success of the ground-breaking British radio programme, The Goon Show, Milligan translated this success to television with Q5; a surreal sketch show which is credited as a major influence on the members of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

I’m depressed now. I wonder what time it is?

A Word from our sponsors:::

Depressed? You Eat Too Many Carbs!!!!

So, I feel a bit SAD. Must be the time of the year too. Think I’ll stop here, I feel tired. Go back to bed after a plate of chips:::

Symptoms of SAD may consist of: difficulty waking up in the morning, tendency to oversleep as well as to overeat, and especially a craving for carbohydrates, which leads to weight gain. Other symptoms include a lack of energy, difficulty concentrating on completing tasks, and withdrawal from friends, family, and social activities. All of this leads to the depression, pessimism, and lack of pleasure which characterize a person suffering from this disorder.

Poor Human Beings. Thank God Robots don’t get depressed …or do they?

Having suffered from depression during much of his life (although less so with the onset of old age), Cohen has written much (especially in his early work) about depression and suicide. The wife of the protagonist of Beautiful Losers commits a gory suicide; “Seems So Long Ago, Nancy” is about a suicide; suicide is mentioned in the darkly comic “One of Us Cannot Be Wrong”; “Dress Rehearsal Rag” is about a last-minute decision not to kill oneself; a general atmosphere of depression pervades such songs as “Please Don’t Pass Me By” and “Tonight Will Be Fine”. As in the aforementioned “Hallelujah”, music itself is the subject of many songs, including “Tower of Song”, “A Singer Must Die”, and “Jazz Police”.

Social justice often shows up as a theme in his work, where he seems, especially in later albums, to expound a leftist politics, albeit with culturally conservative elements. In “Democracy”, lamenting, “the wars against disorder/ … the sirens night and day/ … the fires of the homeless/ … the ashes of the gay”, he concludes that the United States is actually not a democracy. He has made the observation (in “Tower of Song”) that, “the rich have got their channels in the bedrooms of the poor/ And there’s a mighty judgment coming”. In the title track of The Future he recasts this prophecy on a pacifist note: “I’ve seen the nations rise and fall/ …/ But love’s the only engine of survival”. In “Anthem”, he promises that “the killers in high places [who] say their prayers out loud/ … [are] gonna hear from me”.

Several Cohen songs speak of abortion, always either as something distasteful or even atrocious. In “The Future”, he sings sarcastically “Destroy another fetus now/ We don’t like children anyhow”. In “Stories of the Street” Cohen speaks of “The age of lust is giving birth/ And both the parents ask/ The nurse to tell them fairy tales/ from both sides of the glass”.

“Diamonds in the Mine” is often quoted as being a song about abortion with the lyric: “The only man of energy/ Yes the revolution’s pride/ He trained a hundred women/ Just to kill an unborn child”, always being used to substantiate this. However, extensive research suggests this song is actually about the demise of the hedonism of the 1960s. The “man of energy” referred to is Charles Manson and the “unborn child” is Sharon Tate’s unborn baby when the Manson “Family” committed the atrocities in 1969.

In “The Land of Plenty”, he characterizes the United States (if not the opulent West in general) of benightedness: “May the lights in The Land of Plenty/ Shine on the truth some day”.

“Recurring themes in Cohen’s work include love and sex, religion, psychological depression, and music itself. He has also engaged with certain political themes, though sometimes ambiguously so. “Suzanne” mixes a wistful type of love song with a religious meditation, themes that are also mixed in “Joan of Arc”. “Famous Blue Raincoat” is from the point of view of a man whose marriage has been broken (in exactly what degree is ambiguous in the song) by his wife’s infidelity with his close friend, and is written in the form of a letter to that friend, to whom he writes, “I guess that I miss you/ I guess I forgive you … Know your enemy is sleeping/ And his woman is free”, while “Everybody Knows” deals in part with social inequality (“…the poor stay poor/ And the rich get rich”), and the harsh reality of AIDS: “… the naked man and woman/ Are just a shining artifact of the past”.

Ho Hum…..

Breakfast of Champions

[Square Brackets Mine]
Breakfast of Champions (1973)

Full title: Breakfast of Champions, Or Goodbye Blue Monday! [Yep It’s Monday Today]

I have talked to old men who were on battlefields during that minute. They have told me in one way or another that the sudden silence was the Voice of God. So we still have among us some men who can remember when God spoke clearly to mankind. [Silently]

* And so on.
o recurring phrase

* Charm was a scheme for making strangers like and trust a person immediately, no matter what the charmer had in mind.
o page 19

* I can have oodles of charm when I want to.[Me Too]
o page 20

* I will come to a time in my backwards trip when November eleventh, accidentally my birthday, was a sacred day called Armistice Day. When I was a boy, and when Dwayne Hoover was a boy, all the people of all the nations which had fought in the First World War were silent during the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour of Armistice Day, which was the eleventh day of the eleventh month.
It was during that minute in nineteen hundred and eighteen, that millions upon millions of human beings stopped butchering one another. I have talked to old men who were on battlefields during that minute. They have told me in one way or another that the sudden silence was the Voice of God. So we still have among us some men who can remember when God spoke clearly to mankind.
Armistice Day has become Veterans’ Day. Armistice Day was sacred. Veterans’ Day is not.
So I will throw Veterans’ Day over my shoulder. Armistice Day I will keep. I don’t want to throw away any sacred things.
What else is sacred? Oh, Romeo and Juliet, for instance.
And all music is.[Everybody Knows]

* Ideas or the lack of them can cause disease.[YEP]

* Let us devote to unselfishness the frenzy we once gave gold and underpants.

Roses are red
And ready for plucking
You’re sixteen
And ready for high school.

* Teachers of children in the United States of America wrote this date on blackboards again and again, and asked the children to memorize it with pride and joy: 1492. The teachers told the children that this was when their continent was discovered by human beings. Actually, millions of human beings were already living full and imaginative lives on the continent in 1492. That was simply the year in which sea pirates began to cheat and rob and kill them.[You Just Gotta Love Human Beings Doncha]

* Like most science-fiction writers, Trout knew almost nothing about science.

What is the purpose of life?

* Roses are red
And ready for plucking
You’re sixteen
And ready for high school.

* To be
the eyes
and ears
and conscience
of the Creator of the Universe,
you fool.
o Kilgore Trout’s unwritten reply to the question “What is the purpose of life?”

* Trout trudged onward, a stranger in a strange land. His pilgrimage was rewarded with new wisdom, which would never have been his had he remained in his basement in Cohoes. He learned the answer to a question many human beings were asking themselves so frantically: “What’s blocking the traffic on the westbound barrel of the Midland City stretch of the Interstate?”

Symbols can be so beautiful, sometimes. [Ωβ⟶∞ΩΔ]

* I was on par with the Creator of the Universe there in the dark in the cocktail lounge. I shrunk the Universe to a ball exactly one light-year in diameter. I had it explode. I had it disperse itself again.
Ask me a question, any question. How old is the Universe? It is one half-second old, but the half-second has lasted one quintillion years so far. Who created it? Nobody created it. It has always been here.
What is time? It is a serpent which eats its tail, like this:
This is the snake which uncoiled itself long enough to offer Eve the apple, which looked like this:
What was the apple which Eve and Adam ate? It was the Creator of the Universe.
And so on.
Symbols can be so beautiful, sometimes.

* He was a graduate of West Point, a military academy which turned young men into homicidal maniacs for use in war.[homocidalmaniacs]

Our awareness is all that is alive and maybe sacred in any of us. Everything else about us is dead machinery.

* Why are so many Americans treated by their government as though their lives were as disposable as paper facial tissue? Because that was the way authors customarily treated bit-part players in their made-up tales.

* It was Trout’s fantasy that somebody would be outraged by the footprints. This would give him the opportunity to reply grandly, “What is it that offends you so? I am simply using man’s first printing press. You are reading a bold and universal headline which says ,’I am here, I am here, I am here.’

* Listen:
The waitress brought me another drink. She wanted to light my hurricane lamp again. I wouldn’t let her. “Can you see anything in the dark, with your sunglasses on?” she asked me.
“The big show is inside my head,” I said

* We are healthy only to the extent that our ideas are humane.
o Kilgore Trout’s epitaph
o Unsourced paraphrase or variant: We are human only to the extent that our ideas remain humane.

* Hey — guess what: You’re the only creature with free will. How does that make you feel?

* Our awareness is all that is alive and maybe sacred in any of us. Everything else about us is dead machinery.

* There is no order in the world around us, we must adapt ourselves to the requirements of chaos instead. It is hard to adapt to chaos, but it can be done. I am living proof of that: It can be done.

* Here was what Kilgore Trout cried out to me in my father’s voice: “Make me young, make me young, make me young!”
o Last line [Ω]

Better Finish. I know this is a repetion I know Iknow Iknow but I need Cheering up ok?



O F******G K???

🙂 0) 🙂 :0 🙂 ….;)

Final Tweet: ” Johnny Depp died in a car crash taking Pope to a date with Kim Kardasian hit the Queens Bently Tiger Woods Golf Clubs found in trunk”



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EA Games, Dragon Age. I made a joke about this stupid “game”. I spent 20 mins getting my face right. BEFORE I started the game. The mage was quick. Ynys as you see here is nice, she is a noble woman and a Rogue. Her Dog Shiva obeys her and only her, goes everywhere, fights like a demon, she can pick any lock. You will see tho, Aelfryd,[ÆLFÞRYÐ = Anglo-Saxon name composed of the Old English elements ælf “elf” and þryð “strength,” hence “elfin strength.”] …my Elfin lady warrior. She is my star. Spent an hour and a half getting her right. She’s not so pretty, not a looker like but not homely either. She’s a bit skinny, red hair. A bit Irish….. She has character. We spent the first two hours getting ready for her wedding. She has a bit of an attitude see. Humans treat Elves like scum. She was nearly raped by the local lord. She kicks ass but the humans were too strong. She doesn’t like humans very much. She was rescued by Alistair and he took her off for training. While getting ready to become a Grey Warden she was wandering around checking things out, a bit lost, with her crap clothes and little dagger. She chatted to lots of people. After about 20 minutes she was at the forest gate. The guard turned her away, said it was too dangerous for a little elf, especially a female. She turned to leave when a human messenger arrived and he spoke to the Guard:

He said to the Guard ” I have to deliver Sir Green’s Iron Broad Sword. Do you know where his tent is?”
Aelfryd could interrupt, she had four choices:

  • 1. No, I am new here. Can you help me?
  • 2. Who is Sir Green? Please tell me about him
  • 3. I don’t know anything about that
  • 4. I know Sir Green, I am just going to his tent now, perhaps I can take it for you?

Aelfryd didn’t hesitate for a moment. What would you do?

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