Ok I am Bored with that “Wake Up” Post lets watch some videos!

And I do like this one,

This for that comment person who Doesnt like B I G L E T T E R Please listen to the words : the person with the gmeil account:

Do Get out more:


This one using Microsoft Office


Oh and people, ssshhh I found out something! Theres this thing called The Interweb thingy ssshh its got Non Blue Mars stuff on it! Madness I know. I couldn’t believe it. Well some of it is funny too! Yep, like please don’t say but I made a Non Blue Mars video. OMG I feel like a traitor. Please forgive me… Here it is. Report it so I have an excuse to take it down. But I love cats….so Be Kool (dot) net

Oh and the new windows Phone 7 looks really cool


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