Blue Mars Fashion and Gaming

Please watch in 720 dpi full screen to read text.

And then here is some research I have done about design and gaming because I do not think and do not call Blue Mars a game. I call Welcome Are (WA) a chat room with nice curtains. As for the cities? Its not a game, its an environment to explore and appreciate the graphics but um A Chat Room with really nice fancy curtains ? HThe videos are from TED. I love TED. TED is important. Technology Entertainment Design dot com

The First One looks at Video Games. The second is a lecture on games, their role and highlights World of Warcraft. Interesting stuff

Here is The WOW:

I just got a new avatar from IMVU. A Chat room very expensive:

Here She Is bigger

Her name is Gerolmina as she has her own dot com click/touch

And in case you forgot the vision:

Sorry TED embeds dont work as embeds. They have their own WordPress ID how cool is that?, mirrors but has a bit more. Im working on it


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