People Get Overcharged On The Internet


1. To register a domain costs a lot of money .
No It costs 10 euros a year for a dot com


2. When you have a domain it costs a lot of money to host it.
No it costs 7 euro a month
3. Web design is expensive.
No thousands of web page designs are free. This web page blog is free
4. It takes ages weeks to set it all up like email and things.
No it takes an hour
5. I have to employ someone to set it up. That will be expensive.
I charge 10 euros an hour. It takes two hours.
6. I will need help if I get in a mess.
Yes I charge 8 euros an hour for support

7. If I want to change it I cannot.
Maybe not. Call me I will do it while you wait. If its easy its free.
8. Companies want to charge me 700 to 1200 euros to create a domain and web site.

My mother said to me : “A fool and their money are soon parted” Not that that is relevant Their mothers told them “A mug is born every minute” Mothers are grand.
9. It will take months for the search engines to find my site. Or I have to pay a lot of money for it.

No. I set up this site four days a go. Type Bog Of Allen 2010 in to Google : See the total number of hits for the search see what positon this site is.

10. I need a .ie address because I am Irish .
Like and and and and and and and and and and


Ok You are right .

Bye bye.

Please do not telephone +353 (0) 86 128 0549 and say

“Philip, I want a web site that looks very modern and I want to be trained to use it. I want 5 email addresses, an auto responder, mail forwarding, webmail, stats, sub domains a personal blog and a company blog. Graphics, a video, I have 100 euros! If after 30 days OI dont like it I want 50 euros back and a DVD of everything you’ve done. I have a car! Can we spend the day together? “

Of course! Monday? Tuesday? Day? Night? Tell me when.

Philip Finlay-Bryan B.Sc (Hons) Psych /Computing MA C.Q.S.W.

cool [at]

Dispelling Myths

The following may help to dispel some myths.

    Editing something on the Internet Is Extremly Difficult. You Need A Degree in Computer Science and many years experiece. If you get it wrong you will destroy your web site and possibly harm the Internet for everybody!

This Is Not True.

    That is A Blog It Is Not A Real Web Page. To edit a real web page you have to be a programmer

This Is Not True

Finding Something On The Internet Is Difficult. I have to use special characters like + or “” or ( )

  • What Is The Weather Like In Clare Offaly Ireland? Mostly Cloudy With Showers. Notice how I meant Clara and Google “Guessed” what I wanted!

  • What was the name of Freuds Cat? “Time Spent With Cats Is Never Wasted” What A Lovely Quote I will remember that!

  • How many packets of crisps do Polish people eat every year? Well Americans eat 4 Pounds Of Crisps! Wow! You see how one thing leads to another and so on! Please Note This Site Did Not Exist 3 days ago. The Search Engines have it regestered because I told them!

I Find The Internet So Stimulating. My Root Degree is Psychology hence Freud popping into my head. I did a search for Freud Animations. After watching a few videos I found this, from bluebenjamin. An explanation of the ID Ego and Superego. What I love is the use of Lego. How delightful. But I love the simplicity of the explanation. The Key Feature for me is SEX ISNT MENTIONED!!!!!!


I listen to Radio 6 Music here is my Ad for them:

Gaseous Brain Was Interviwed

Touch To Visit


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