New Release From Blue Mars 0.0.6589.0

A new build for Blue Mars was released today. And Stupid Dude does not know his text from his buttons! Ok Here we go:

  • Go to and download. Its only about 350 meg. No Sweat
  • Ok. Fire her up and go to the Welcome Area Say High, listen to the chat and get bored
  • Now Download A city. Do Not Hunt For A Button. There Is No Button. Ask Stupid Dude. There is text that says Download, so D O W N L O A D. You got yourself a city. ( I downloaded 5 at a go. Venice takes a while but Thats Venice.
  • Do Not Wait for the Stupid Video I am going to Put Up. Get Downloading

Ever got a 404? The web page you requested cannot be found? etc etc? I was in Grid Rock clicking on links to links to links and ended up with a 404: Here it is. I could not leave the page, well it would have been rude…

btw I have a Flash Website at Http:// if you wanna see… but its a bit old. Heres one I made in 1998, thats really old

This is a personal comment and in no way represents the views of VSE or Blue Mars.

Please keep in mind that although we all have found something very exciting we all have work to do:

  • Virtual Reality will become RVR eventually. In perspective we have miles to go before we sleep
  • I was on Second Life last night with 65k others, there had been 1.6 million on line that month. We have untold other virtual reality sites, Kaneva, Red Light Center, World of Warcraft etc etc. All told 30,000,000? Amazing.
  • It has been estimated that there are 1,733,993,741 users on the internet
  • We have blogs. We list about 20? Making progress, growing every day. Updating them every few days, once a week?
  • June 2009 comment “217,012,482 – but that was the count 40 seconds ago. So now…? Don’t know. My speed counter is slow.”
  • Video’s! The above Video has been viewed 22, 000 times. This one: Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole ‘IZ’ ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ has been viewed 8 million times
  • Web pages , oh, shall I cut to the chase? We have a good few. Sorry. It was estimated that there are 29.1 billion web pages on the Internet

So my wonderful Dudes and Dudettes, We have work to do. Spread the word, Add some one new everyday. Be Exponential, Train others in the stuff you know, tell them to train others. Need a dot com ask me : It cost $15 for a year. Hosting $7 a month. Need a hand? Need a blog? Need setting up? If you are from or part of or interested in Blue Mars its $50 for a professional six month support option with me. Includes Flash want an On Line shop? $15 a month. Ready in a week. After 3 months of practice You copy the above. Make $50 for yourself. Ok? No? Ok : Just pinch my idea. BUT I have got it right. Don’t offer a crap service for a quick buck. You’ll die in shame. Ok. I just wanted to get that off my chest. Ty. Luvya. Namaste. pjfbncyl aka Dude Starship. [I have a secret identity in Blue Mars. First one to find me and say “Hiya Dude Starship” gets the above for free. ] And to jog your memory:

p.S. On The Right Hand Side there is a Widget so you can get Cofee mate to donate $2 to Nature Conservancy, Only takes a sec and shows we care.


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