The Ravens Kiss The Sky

Please Take A Moment

Is Virtual Reality real?


I have spoken about people making a dichotomy of real and virtual. I have made my position clear. I have “told it like it is”. I have invented rvr. Everything is linked now. You post to twitter it ends up on DIGG and Facebook. You favourite a youtube video it ends up on bebo. You post to facebook and yahoo picks it up. Blogs? OMG if i blog anything and click on share it goes to the following :

Twitter, My Space, DiGG, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, stumbleupon, buzzup,, all my 10 other blogs, all my 30 widgets, Blue Mars, ….if there is a god (s)he gets a copy

and no doubt someone somewhere is transmitting this out into space where it will travel on into eternity…. Do you see? Everything is linked now. You cannot distinguish between what is real and what is virtual. The human in me says it is all real. The buddhist says it is all virtual. Whatever the perspecive, it is all one.
I leave you with the tweet I made 8 hours before the world press took it up ” No No Go Go http://OnlyDragons eat Antonomc hamsters ” . See if you can understand the 52 characters (I always thought that 142 characters was way too many.)

I left this Comment with the Washigton Post

I twittered “No No Go Go eat Antonomic Hamsters” because BBC Radio 2 said Go Go Hamsters are in trouble because of levels of Antonomy . Dragons Tongues have to be Flame retardant one of the uses of antinomy Go Go Hamsters are Hot for Christmas. Where is the news? I cannot find a link to it. this is not a paradox thats Antimony.

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If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ nor no man ever loved

I have posted this a few times to my blogs. I think it is important. I added it to DIGG and facebook more than once. Is This SPAM? I don’t know! Perhaps this video will help you decide. Thanks for your time. P.S. I hope the Japanese appreciate the Ikebana (生け花) flower arranging tips from gaijins.


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