The Amelia Earhart Blue Mars Trophy

Quick Poll First Then Laugh

Is Virtual Reality real?

Breaking News: HE HAS DONE IT AGAIN! The Dude Starship issued this statement minutes ago:

I, Dude Starship aka pjfbncyl, resident of Blue Mars, Second Life and Twinity do hereby claim “The Amelia Earhart Blue Mars Trophy” for my home-flying-BigTelescope-home flight in 1.39.02 . It will be engraved so.

Well, this is some dude! First Teleporter 1 now this. Is it a clean sweep? We asked Howard to “Tell it like it is” Howard?

Thank You Kent. Is flying a sport? Is Amelia Earhart a sport? Is this so called Virtual Reality of relevence in Joe Public’s eye? In my humble opinion Kent, No it is not. Avatars are center stage, they have a movie. But who are they? Where is their pedigree? They strut around all mouth and no trousers. I supported Ali. The Public didn’t like it. I don’t care Kent. I was right then I am right now. Is Amelia a sport? You betcha!

Well Howard you told it like it is (This station is in no way afiliated with ABC and any opinion expressed by them or their employees, is their perogative) we say hats off to you Dude! What’s Next? What Is Next?

[From Our Archives here is Teleporter 1]


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