Microsoft Office 2010

It is important to keep up with innovations. Blue Mars is a VR supremo and cutting edge. I believe we have to keep up with all technological advances.

Flat Fact: LAS VEGAS — Jan. 8, 2009 — Millions of people around the world use Microsoft Office in the course of their day-to-day work. It might come as a surprise, though, that Office also is the most popular software in the world for personal use — whether for writing school reports, designing party invitations, scheduling carpools, keeping grocery lists or organizing budgets.

All told, roughly half a billion people use Office. Yet for all the ways consumers use it at home, there are many more time-saving solutions to be found in the world’s most ubiquitous desktop software.

Here is a video.

I have downloaded the Professional Pro version. I will report. You may have noticed I make the occasional video? The powerpoint facilities look really exciting. I will install Share Point As well. 12 years ago the locals used to call me “Hi-Tech Phil”…only the name has been changed to protect the innocent………


yr friendly techie

Dude Starship . com A division of …&… while waiting for DNS to resolve

Virtuality Labs .com

Video made by

So I made this. Its only a test run so please excuse it. I have added the tag omg to my posts. I hope you understand why. Please watch this in Full Screen.

Just A Word


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