Hello Blue Mars!

To warm you up please watch this:

A personal short taste is here>>>

If you stumble across this site. Wait two hours and come back. I will blow your mind.

The Video Is Here and here is the embed code =

<embed src=”http://blip.tv/play/hK87gbGEWwI%2Em4v&#8221; type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”480″ height=”246″ allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true”></embed>



Developer Blog

is here [10 minutesold]


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  1. Administrator
    Nov 20, 2009 @ 22:52:26

    Hi, this is a comment.
    It is made by using one or several fingers on a keyboard and pressing down quite firmly. Short sharp “punches” work for me. I use two fingers (one on each hand) Why not try it? I promise I won’t laugh or tell The Washington Post or your mother. In fact if you are really stupid I won’t publish you at all. Please avoid telling me to fuck off. It’s not very polite, but to be honest, I don’t give a …..damn

    Fuck is an English word that is generally considered profane, that in its most literal meaning refers to the act of sexual intercourse. However, by extension it may be used to negatively characterize anything that can be dismissed, disdained, defiled, or destroyed, and it is due to the convergence of these two weighty concepts (sex and destruction) that the term can carry such overloaded emphasis, although it is frequently used as a mere intensifier.

    “Fuck” can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, or interjection and can logically be used as virtually any word in a sentence (e.g. “Fuck the fucking fuckers”). Moreover, it is one of the only words in the English language which could be applied in the middle of a word (e.g. “Am I sexy? Absofuckinglutely!”) It hence has various metaphorical meanings. The verb “to be fucked” can mean “to be cheated” (e.g. “I got fucked by a scam artist”). As a noun “a fuck” or “a fucker” may describe a contemptible person. “A fuck” may mean an act of copulation. The word can be used as an interjection, and its participle is sometimes used as a strong emphatic. The verb to fuck may be used transitively or intransitively, and it appears in compounds, including fuck off, fuck up, and fuck with. In less explicit usages (but still regarded as vulgar), fuck or fuck with can mean to mess around, or to deal with unfairly or harshly. In a phrase such as “don’t give a fuck”, the word is the equivalent of “damn”, in the sense of something having little value. In “what the fuck”, it serves merely as an intensive


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